Communication & Outreach Office


The Communication & Outreach Office is a newly created department within ICMAB. Its main function is to support the dissemination of the research activity and the impact of the work developed by the ICMAB community. It has the following objectives:
  • Disseminate the information generated at ICMAB among its:
    • Coworkers
    • Neighboring entities
    • Media
    • Society in general 
  • Portfolio of services:
    • Internal communication
    • Corporative image
    • Protocol and public relations
    • Institutional publications
    • External communication: web and social networks
    • Relationship with the press
    • Outreach activities

Education & Outreach

ICMAB is committed to making its research accessible to a wide audience to increase the general knowledge of science within the society, and to encourage scientific vocations among the young students. We seek to promote scientific research locally, nationally and internationally through a tailored programme of outreach, using the skills of staff to ensure our research is valued and accessible. Our aim is to provide opportunities for students of all ages to gain knowledge and understanding through science-based activity. Outreach activity and community engagement is undertaken through synergies with other activities and a commitment to ensuring our research is widely understood. Through social media and scientific communication our staff and students provide information which brings many benefits to the local community. Along with schools activity, we provide briefings to government; give public presentations; contribute to debates on contemporary nanotechnology and material science issues and undertake family-orientated outreach activity.

  • Events for students
    ICMAB is actively involved in the promotion of careers in materials science and nanotechnology. We aim to inspire the next generation of material scientists and encourage the uptake of these subjects at school with the different programs:
  • Events for teachers
    ICMAB participates in progams for secondary education teachers, so that they can show their students the latest research studies regarding materials science and nanotechnoogy:  
  • Events open to everybody
    One of ICMAB's mission is to increase the general scientific culture of the society. To increase the critical thinking, which will lead to better decisions making.

Events at ICMAB

  • ICMAB Periodical Lecture: these seminars are held every 2 Mondays at 12 pm at the Institute. Invited speakers (from across the globe) provide information on a topic of interest, and seek collaboration among the ICMAB researchers. Coffee and cookies are offered at 11:45 am. 
  • Invited Seminars: apart from the "ICMAB Periodical Lectures", ICMAB researchers invite renowned speakers to give a talk, if they are visiting Barcelona, or if the topic is of outstanding interest for the Institute.
  • Seminars are advertised on this website, and the information circulates around the community via electronic mailing list.
 Scientific workshops within the ICMAB

Researchers organize workshop for them and their colleagues to enhance the knowledge and collaboration between them

Summer Schools and Meetings for PhD researchers
Student placement

ICMAB provides opportunity for undergraduates, master and international students (ERASMUS mobility) to gain laboratory and fieldwork skills (essential for securing work). These placements often contribute to their final year dissertation and vary from 3 months to a year (depending on degree requirements).

Look at the job offers for grants and open calls. 

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