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Complete collection of CSIC Scientific Challenges White Paper in our Manuel Cardona Library

The complete collection of CSIC Scientific Challenges: towards 2030, the CSIC White Paper formed by 14 volumes, is now available on paper in our ICMAB Manuel Cardona library (and available for loan), in the handbooks section. 

Anna May
06 June 2023

Access to the electronic version (ebook) is available at the Editorial CSIC website.

What is the contribution of ICMAB researchers on these Scientific Challenges? Continue reading to know more. 

We are very happy that from now on, the CSIC collection of Scientific Challenges: towards 2030, is found in our Library and is available for loan for all our staff. 

Access to the electronic version (ebook) is available at the Editorial CSIC website.

The volumes of this collection are the following:
  1. New foundations for a sustainable global society
  2. Origins, (co)evolution, diversity & synthesis of life
  3. Genome & epigenetics   
  4. Challenges in biomedicine & health
  5. Brain, mind & behaviour
  6. Sustainable primary production  
  7. Global change impacts   
  8. Clean, safe and efficient energy
  9. Understanding the basic components of the universe, its structure & evolution 
  10. Digital & complex information
  11. Artificial intelligence, robotics & data science 
  12. Our future? Space colonization & exploration 
  13. Ocean science challenges for 2030 
  14. Dynamic Earth: probing the past, preparing for the future 

We are happy now to have them available in our Library! You can contact our Librarian & Documentalist Alejandro Santos for more information. 


ICMAB’s contribution to the CSIC White Paper

Among the researchers collaborating in the definition of these strategies were some of ICMAB’s researchers, offering their expertise in this interdisciplinary effort:

Challenges in Biomedicine and Health

The 4th topic, Challenges in biomedicine and Health, is looking to use our basic knowledge of the human body in search of its medium-and-long term clinical applications. This includes the development of new treatments, diagnosis, and prevention methods for illnesses that have a big impact worldwide. Within this topic, ICMAB has helped shape our understanding of:
  • Advanced therapies (Challenge 7), with Imma Ratera
  • Nanomedicine (Challenge 9) with Anna Roig, Jaume Veciana and Nora Ventosa

Clean, Safe and Efficient Energy

The 8th topic, Clean, Safe and Efficient Energy faces the challenge of energetic production that is mindful of people and the environment, a field with a lot of potential that encapsulates many different challenges. With the objective of energy transition towards more efficient and sustainable models, ICMAB Researchers have contributed to face challenges in:

  • Renewable Energy Production (Challenge 1), with Mariano Campoy-Quiles, Xavier Granados, Xavier Obradors, Teresa Puig, Mariona Coll, Josep Fontcuberta, and Alejandro Goñi
  • Efficient Energy Storage (Challenge 2), with M. Rosa Palacín as coordinator, and Xavier Granados
  • Energy Efficiency and Harvesting (Challenge 3), with Mariano Campoy-Quiles
  • Industry Electrification and Grid Management (Challenge 4), with Teresa Puig, Xavier Granados and Xavier Obradors

Understanding the basic components of the universe, its structure & evolution

Understanding the basic components of the universe is the 9th topic in the White Paper and it focuses on what matter is made off, the understanding and discovery of the laws that govern the universe, and its evolution. ICMAB Researchers are developing:

  • New instrumentation and techniques for understanding the universe, its structure and evolution (Challenge 8), with Lourdes Fàbrega as coordinator, and Teresa Puig

Digital & Complex Information

The 10th topic, Complex and Digital Information, covers research that is trying to understand and improve the way technology affects our lives and society. In order to reach the maximum potential on new technologies, ICMAB Researchers have aided in this topics through:

  • Intelligent and sustainable electronic devices and systems (Challenge 1) with Martí Gich, Gervasi Herranz, Benjamín Martínez, Marta Mas and Anna Palau
  • Advanced Photonics (Challenge 2), with Gervasi Herranz and Agustín Mihi
  • Quantum Computing (Challenge 3) with Núria Crivillers

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