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Congratulations Dr. Sílvia Illa Tuset, new ICMAB graduate!

Dr.Sílvia Illa, former PhD researcher under the supervision of Dr. Jordi Faraudo (Theory and Simulation group at ICMAB) and Dr. Swapans K. Pati (Theoretical Science Unit, JNCASR, India), defended her PhD thesis entitled "Molecular Modelling of Quatsome nanovesicles" publicly on 28 February 2019 at the ICMAB-CSIC Auditorium. We have interviewed her to know a little bit more about her PhD and her life at the ICMAB!

04 March 2019

Why did you choose the ICMAB?

I knew ICMAB because is where I did my master thesis. As I had a great experience there, so I choose it again.

How would you explain your research to a non-scientific audience?

What we investigate are materials that are nanometric and compatible with our body. The material I work with has spherical shape and is used as a carrier for drug delivery or as a biomarker for medical imaging. I have investigated this carrier via computer simulations, focusing on the properties but also on its potential applications for the mentioned functions.

What are the main applications of your research? Could you give us an example?

The main applications of my research are in the biomedical field. An example could be the use of the Quatsome (the spheric material I work with) for localized drug delivery across the human body.

In the time you have been here, what have you liked the most about your experience at our Research Center and in the Barcelona area?

I really enjoy the atmosphere at ICMAB-CSIC. The fact that the campus is close to Barcelona is a great opportunity to enjoy the city more easily.

How do you think this experience will contribute to your training and to your future?

I have high expectations that the PhD formation will open many oportunities not only in the academic field but also in the industry.

What are your plans once you finish your PhD?

I have not decided yet. I will consider either a post-doc position or a position in the industry after a break.

Which have been your role models for your scientific research?

I have always been attracted towards science, since I was at school. That is why I choosed to study chemical engineering. The professors I have met have inspired me somehow. I like to read books and articles that disseminate science. Moreover, I met Jordi, my thesis director, during the master thesis. Up to now he has been an example to follow.

Which is your favourite female scientist? 

Gerty Cori

Describe in 3 keywords…

  • Your research: Quatsome vesicles, molecular dynamics, organic dyes
  • Barcelona: friends, dance, culture
  • Your experience at ICMAB: science, modelling, fun

silvia tesi

PhD Thesis Abstract: This thesis is devoted to the theoretical and computational study, at atomistic and molecular scales, of the properties of novel organic nanoparticles called Quatsomes (vesicles made by mixing CTAB cationic surfactant and cholesterol), as well as the interactions of Quatsomes with different types of fluorescent molecules. The methodology employed is computational molecular modelling. It includes modelling of the interactions between molecules at different scales and resolutions (DFT electronic structure calculations, atomistic molecular mechanics force fields and coarse-grain molecular mechanics force fields) and molecular dynamics simulations at atomistic and coarse-grain molecular resolutions. Most of the results have observable consequences that have been confirmed experimentally.

The members of the examining committee were: Elvira Guardia Manuel (UPC, Spain), Roger Estrada Tejedor (IQS, Spain) and Flor Rebeca Siperstein Blumovicz (University of Manchester, England). 


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