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PhD Theses

Congratulations to Dr. Bohores Villarejo, new ICMAB graduate!

Dr. Bohores Villarejo defended his PhD thesis on "Synthesis of defect free YBa2Cu3O7-x films over 1µm by CSD using Inkjet Printing" on Friday, 14 September 2018, with great success, surrounded by his friends, family and colleagues! Congratulations!

25 September 2018

Abstract: In order to transport large amounts of power, the YBCO superconducting films must be thick. However, to achieve high thickness in a single coating is the main challenge for the production of films by Chemical Solution Deposition (CSD), a cost effective and flexible methodology, since the huge volume reduction during the firing process leads to the film cracking.

Along this work, we have performed a thorough in-situ study of the different parameters affecting the synthesis of YBCO thick films by CSD deposited by Inkjet printing. From all the gathered knowledge, we developed a reproducible methodology for the synthesis of films over 1µm thickness in a single coating.

  • Teresa Puig, SUMAN group
  • Xavier Obradors, SUMAN group
PhD Committee: 
  • President: Jesús Santamaría; INA (Instituto Nacional de Aragón)
  • Secretary: Alberto Calleja; Oxolutia
  • Vocal: Lourdes Calzada; ICMM-CSIC (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid)
 Congratulations Bohores! And we hope you enjoy your next steps in Poland!
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