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Congratulations to Dr. Ziliang Li, new ICMAB graduate!

Dr. Ziliang Li defended his PhD thesis on "Growth and characterization of nanocomposite YBa2Cu3O7-δ – BaMO3 (M = Zr, Hf) thin films from colloidal solutions" on Thursday, 19 July 2018 at 12 pm. Congratulations Ziliang!!

24 July 2018


Superconducting tape

Ziliang Li, from China, spent four years working in his PhD thesis at the "Superconducting materials and large scale nanostructures" (SUMAN) research group, with the direction of Xavier Obradors and Mariona Coll.

Abstract: We have developed a novel flash heating growth process (~50 times faster than conventional ones) that shows high compatibility with the fabrication of chemical solution deposited YBa2Cu3O7-δ films. We have set up, for the first time, a full image describing the intermediate phase and microstructure evolution during this thermal process. After a series of optimization of growth parameters, this process was shown to be efficient for both the epitaxial growth of YBCO films on CeO2 buffered tapes and the preparation of high quality YBCO ultrathin films. Using this thermal process, nanoparticle concentration in nanocomposite films can reach record load of 20 mol% with good performance. More importantly, it provides an attractive microstructural landscape which is beneficial to the enhancement of pinning performance.


  • Xavier Obradors, SUMAN group, ICMAB
  • Mariona Coll, SUMAN group, ICMAB

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