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"Converteix-te en un detectiu de materials" brings more than 100 students at ICMAB for the Science Week!

During two mornings, 12 and 13 November 2018, the ICMAB hosted the workshop for secondary school students "Become a materials detective" (Converteix-te en un detectiu de materials) to celebrate the Science Week 2018. Four classes of 2nd ESO from the IES Vallès (Sabadell) came to ICMAB by train and became scientists for a day. 

10 December 2018

Judith Oró, technician at the Electron Microscopy Service, and Anna Crespi, technician at the X-ray Diffraction Lab, were in charge of organizing the activity. The day started with a science talk on nanoscience and material science, showing some of the materials that we create at the ICMAB.

Following the talk, the students were divided in two groups. One group did the a workshop with Anna Crespi, in which they discovered the minerals hidden in our daily life products, and the other group learnt how to use the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) with Judith Oró and discovered some materials by looking at some SEM images. 

All in all, we had more than 100 students who participated in the workshop during both days. Thank you to Meritxell Vivó, from the IES Vallès, who was our contact point for bringing all the students to our Institute. 

And thank you to Judith Oró, Anna Crespi, and also Joan Esquius and F. Xavier Campos (also from the XRD Lab) for organizing this workshop. 

Read the news post at the IES Vallès website: "Vista 2n d’ESO Institut de Ciències Materials de Barcelona"

Els alumnes de 2n d’ESO van agafar el tren per visitar l’Institut de Ciència Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB) al campus de la UAB. Van veure algunes de les instal·lacions i van rebre una xerrada sobre els nanomaterials i les nanopartícules. També van fer un taller sobre l’ús dels minerals a la vida quotidiana i van poder observar diferents tipus de mostres (d’origen animal, vegetal o sintètic) al Microscopi Electrònic de Rastreig. L’experiència va resultar enriquidora i entretinguda.


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