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CosmoCaixa, 19-20 OCT 2019: Explora els Minerals, de la Mina a la Taula Periòdica dels Elements

The weekend 19-20 October 2019, CosmoCaixa hosts the exhibition about minerals and the Periodic Table, in the framework of the celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table of the Elements. The exhibition is entitled "Explora els Minerals: de la mina a la Taula Periòdica dels Elements" and will include several samples of minerals and some new materials and devices related with the chemical elements. Don't miss it!

14 October 2019

Exhibition: Explora els Minerals

Where do the materials that form everything that surround us come from? This year 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table, a very important "tool" to understand, and even predict, the properties of the different chemical elements that make up our universe. Some elements find themselves alone, without forming compounds, in nature, but most are mixed with other elements in minerals that are extracted from the heart of the Earth, the sea or the air.

In this exhibiton you will be able to see (and touch) some of these minerals and elements, to learn some curious stories of how they were found, to experiment with their physical and chemical properties and to discover that the sustainability of the resources of our planet depends on the use and the reuse we make.

We have no doubt that you will be surprised by the many applications that these materials have in our daily lives, and also to discover that even the most bizarre elements are present in our environment. We are waiting for you!

The exhibition is organized by EXPOMINER and comissioned by Fundació La Caixa. The main responsible is Joan Rosell (Rosell Minerals). Scientific staff from the ICMAB-CSIC have collaborated and donated some of the samples. From the ICMAB, Jordi Rius, Carles Miravitlles and Anna Crespi have coordinated the exhibition. 

The exhibition will be only open during the weekend 19-20 October at CosmoCaixa, and will also be found at EXPOMINER (Fira Barcelona) during 8-10 November 2019. 

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