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Dr. M. Rosa Palacín, new Elected Academic of RACAB

On the last 21st of December, Dr. M. Rosa Palacín Peiró was appointed Academic Elect of the Chemistry Section of RACAB (Reial Acadèmia de les Ciències i Arts de Barcelona), on the topic Solid-State Electrochemistry.

12 March 2024

Dr. Palacin’s career has been devoted in  devoted to solid state chemistry and electrochemistry applied to batteries andcovering different technologies from commercial concepts to  new chemistries,.  with a focus on developing fertile cooperation scenarios between basic oriented research and industry.  She co-directed the ALISTORE-ERI and was elected to the Governing Board of Batteries Europe ETIP in 2019.  In 2021 she was appointed as Fellow of the Electrochemical Society and received the Research Award from the International Battery Association.  She has also been awarded the Spanish-French Miguel Catalán - Paul Sabatier prize by the French Chemical Society, delivered in June 2023.

Dr. Palacín said: I feel honoured to contribute in RACAB activity, and I sincerely thank Carles Miravitlles and Enric Canadell for taking the initiative of nominating me. This is a shared recognition with all the people with whom I had the pleasure to work with along my career, thank you all!

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