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  • El impacto científico del ICMAB supera la barrera de las 100.000 citas


El impacto científico del ICMAB supera la barrera de las 100.000 citas

Los artículos producidos por el ICMAB han alcanzado las 100.000 citas en Web of Science tras la última actualización. Los 4.276 documentos recogidos han recibido un promedio de 23,39 citas por artículo, datos de 21 de abril de 2016.

Apr 26, 2016

Llegar a esta cota en número de citas es una buena muestra de la excelencia del ICMAB-CSIC ya que muy pocos centros la han alcanzado.




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  • The project 'Las científicas cuentan', best didactic resource at the International Biennial of Scientific Cinema

    21 April 2021 583 hit(s) Awards
    Marta Mas-Torrent and Teresa Puig, ICMAB ERC grantees, participated in this project, coordinated by the Delegation of CSIC in Brussels. 
  • The "Matheroes" project selected as an innovative action by FECYT

    22 February 2021 936 hit(s) Awards
    We are happy to announce that FECYT has selected the "Matheroes: Supermaterials, the heroes of the future" project to be part of the eighth edition of the catalog of "Innovative practices in scientific culture".  The "Innovative practices in scientific culture" catalog includes a selection of activities that FECYT (Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología) has considered as unique in science outreach and science communicatin. It includes innovative and high quality actions that highlight for some of their aspects: their new formats, the strategic objectives they pursue, the specific public they are aimed at, their high impact on the participants, the invomvement of scientific and non-scientific agents, to name a few. 
  • Nanomol Group renews the TECNIO certification for the next four years

    15 December 2020 1088 hit(s) Awards
    The Nanomol Group has renewed the TECNIO certification, which accredits the Reserach Group as a Technology Developer Organization for the period 2020-2023. The TECNIO certification is created by the Government of Catalonia, through ACCIÓ.    The TECNIO certification supports the most qualified agents involved in technology transfer processes, allows companies to access advanced R&D and develop new products and services, and increases the scope of technology projects by finding the most suitable technology partners & suppliers.

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