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Escolab meets ICMAB research in organic solar cells

Escolab visits ten research centers in (and near) Barcelona that participate in the Escolab program. The videos are perfect for secondary school students!

13 January 2022
Martí Gibert and the Escolab recording team at ICMAB

Escolab meets ICMAB

Martí Gibert, specialized in the study of organic solar cells and ICMAB PhD researcher at the NANOPTO group, explains to Dani Jiménez and Marina Torres the secrets of his research: how he prepares organic solar cells and how these work, and the process of tranforming solar energy into electricity. 

Watch the video and discover it for yourself!

The video was registered on December 2020, when Dani Jiménez and Marina Torres came to visit us at ICMAB, in the framework of the "Escolab meets..." initiative. Take a look at the photos of that day!

Escolab meets...

Apart from ICMAB, Escolab visited other research centers, such as BSC, ISGlobal or CRAG, with leading researchers in their field of research, who revealed the secrets of their work and the solutions they propose to the problems and needs of society.

Don't miss the videos and discover the research inside!

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Martí Gibert, Marina Torres and Dani Jiménez during the recording of the video. 

This videos are a good teaching complement for schools, as explained by the Escolab team. The pandemic has highlighted the growing need for digital and virtual teaching tools. For this reason, this collection of videos about advanced research that take place in research centers that is performed by researchers near the schools, explained in a way that everyone can understand, can be very useful for students, either before or after their visit to the reserach centers, or as a tool to use in class when talking about different topics. Apart from the science itself, it is important that students see that good science is made next door by people who look like them. 

The videos last about 5 minutes and are created using images and language especially appealing to teenagers and young students. Dani Jiménez and Marina Torres, who are professionals working in science communication and outreach, appear in all the videos, visiting the research centers and asking the questions to the researchers. 

About Escolab

Escolab opens the doors of the research centers in Catalonia and offers the opportunity to dialogue with the researchers that work in advanced science. More than 10,000 students can visit these universities and research centers and participate in the different activities (more than 200) they offer. Visits mainly consist of a talk given by one of the researchers, and a demo or a workshop, in which the students can manipulate and start being a scientist. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, most of activities are also online. 

ICMAB participates in this programme since 2017, together with more than 70 universities and research centers. Escolab is an initiative from the Ajunament de Barcelona, coordinated by the programmes Barcelona Ciència, and the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, and Cultura Científica de l'Institut Municipal d'Educació de Barcelona, with the participation of many research centers who offer scientific activities for highschool students. 

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