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ICMAB Upcoming Events

Esther Barrena and Ana Pérez at the PINT OF SCIENCE Barcelona on May 16th

Pint of Science is one of the most popular science outreach activities in Spain, and is back in Barcelona during May 15th-17th, this year in its 3rd edition.

11 May 2017

Pint of Science brings scientists and citizens together in different bars of the cities (this year, in 7 bars in Barcelona): scientists give some interesting talks, while the audience is listening and having a drink, before the debates are created. More than 40 cities participate in the event, with more than 100 bars, and nearly 400 scientific talks, in total. 

Two researchers from ICMAB, Esther Barrena and Ana Pérez, are going to give some talks on May 16th at Michael Collins bar, starting from 8 pm. The talks are the following


Have you ever heard about graphene and new bidomensional (2D) materials and their applications in future devices? In this talk, Esther will explain us the basic concepts, including properties and novel applications, to play nano-lego in 2D and build up new 2D materials. 

  • VER Y TOCAR ÁTOMOS Y MOLÉCULAS - Ana Pérez Rodríguez

We have all seen optical microscopy images of a hair or of a butterfly wing. However, how can we see things that are even smaller than that? How can we seethe ordering of the atoms on a surface? Optical microscopy is not useful in this case; we need another type of techniques. In this talk, we will learn about scanning microscopy, and how it has revolucionized the study at the nanoscale of new materials. 

Place: Michael Collins; Plaça Sagrada Família, 4, 08013 Barcelona
Day: Tuesday, May 16th
Time: 8 pm
Language: the talks will be in Spanish

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Program of the talks in Barcelona:
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