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Fontcuberta Griñó

Contact data:

Extension: 436228
Direct phone: 932557428
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Department: MMFO


I got my degree (1977) and the PhD on Physics (1982) at the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) After stages at the Laboratory of Crystallography (CNRS) in Grenoble and at the Inorganic Chemistry Lab. of Oxford University, working in the J. C. Joubert and J. B. Goodenough's groups, respectively, I returned back to UB, teaching Crystallography and Crystallochemistry, Nuclear Physics and Solid State Physics and becoming Professor on Condensed Matter Physics. On 1990 I moved to the ICMAB to contribute building a new Laboratory and research group on Magnetism and Superconductivity. Since 2000 I’m full Research Professor coordinating the research activity with the Laboratory of Multifunctional Oxides and Complex Structures.


Research interest

I’m mostly interested on functional oxides. These strongly correlated electronic systems display fascinating ferroic (i.e. magnetic, ferroelectric), electric, optic, properties etc, that have motivated my research and that of the group I’m leading. I’m a material’s scientist and I have devoted much effort to the preparation and epitaxial growth of complex oxides and to the study of the relationship between their structure, microstructure and functional properties. Nowadays, my research activity is focused on exploiting oxide thin films for efficient manipulation of data storage using magnetic and ferroelectric materials, and their potential use in photovoltaics for energy harvesting.

I’m persuaded that oxides can play a very important role in advanced high-tech devices and I’m pushing for the development of either new applications or new-concept devices.

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University Degrees:

M. Sc. in Physics, Universitat de Barcelona (1977)


Ph.D. in Physics, Universitat de Barcelona (1982)


  • Magnetism and magnetic materials
  • Dielectric properties and Ferroelectricity
  • Oxide thin film growth
  • Thin film's structural and functional characterziation
  • Magnetic tunnel devices for data storage
  • Ferroelectric tunnel devices for data storage and computing
  • Photoresponsive oxide thin films

Most significative academic merits:

  • Lecturing: Professor at U. Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). "Nanoscience and Nanotechnology"
  • Evaluation panels of scientific projects: European Research Commission (NMP); European Research Council (ERC, ERANET); ANR (France), NSF (USA), Polish Acad. Of Sciences (Poland), etc
  • Evaluation panels of scientific institutions: Different Laboratories and Consortia: France and Germany
  • Scientific Publishing: Editor of Solid State Communications (Elsevier)
  • International Advisor of: Journal Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (Elsevier); Adv. Electronic Materials (Wiley –VCH)
  • Education and Dissemination: Member of "Educational Comm." of the IEEE Magnetic Society.


Awards Premio “Epsilon de Oro”  2001; Sociedad Española de Electrocerámica Premio “Salvador Velayos” 2012 Club Español de Magnetismo Distinguished Lecturer 2016, IEEE Magnetic Society Awards to Supervised  PhD  2001 Magnetic anisotropy if manganite thin films;  Manuel Bibes Premi Extraordinari de “Doctorat Ciència de Materials U.A.B” Biennial 2000/2001 2005. Development and Integration of oxide spinel thin films into heterostructures for spintronics;  Ulrike Lueders Premio extraordinario “Doctorat Ciència de Materials U.A.B” Biennial 2004/2005 2006. Materiales y dispositivos magnetoresistivos; Diego Rubi Premio extraordinario “Doctorat Ciència de Materials U.A.B” Biennial 2006/2007 2008. (001) and (110) La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 epitaxial ferromagnetic electrodes: a comparative study. Ingrid Cañero Infante Premio extraordinario “Doctorat Ciència de Materials U.A.B” Biennial 2008/2009 2009 Growth and characterization of magnertoelectric YMnO3 epitaxial thin films;  Xavier Martí Rovirosa Premio extraordinario “Doctorat Ciència de Materials U.A.B” Biennial 2010/2011