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Francesc Teixidor, Invited Professor at the 2017 Boron-Chemistry Micro-Forum held in Nanjing University

In the morning of July 17, the 2017 Boron-Chemistry Micro-Forum started in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, at Nanjing University (China). Prof. Francesc Teixidor from the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB) was Invited Professor at this micro-forum, which was divided into two sections: one dedicated to Research Progress reports, and the other one to Academic Lectures. 

27 July 2017

Prof. Hong YAN was the host of the event, which counted with three invited guests that visited the University and gave scientific lectures. The guests were Prof. Francesc Teixidor from ICMAB, and Prof. Vladimir I. Bregadze and Prof. Elena S. Shubina, both from Nesmeyanov-Institute of Organoelement Compounds (Russian Academy of Sciences). 

The topics of the forum covered different areas, such as the history of boron-chemistry, chemical bonds in boron-hydrides, functionalization of carboranes, metallocarboranes, or nano-assemblies of boron-clusters.

Professors and students from YAN’s group (Prof. Hong YAN), JIA’s group (Prof. Xudong JIA), WANG’s group (Prof. Xuemei WANG, Southeast University), and other students pleasantly participated in the activities of the micro-forum, which they highly enjoyed. Some of the students presented their research in the morning sessions. 

This micro-forum also drew some attention from the industry, and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and R&D General Manager of Advanced Medical Systems Ltd., Dr. Zheng Jim WANG, was among the audience.



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