Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces

Focused on unraveling and controlling the nanoscale structural and electronic properties of nanostructures and interfaces through surface engineering. Devoting special effort to organic materials, part of our investigation centers on organic semiconductors with relevance as active layers for electronic devices (such as organic solar cells and organic field effect transistors).

Our research spans from fundamental issues in organic growth to the electronic response of metal-organic junctions within two main research activities:

  • Design and growth of ultrathin organic layers and organic/organic heterojunctions and
  • Nanoscale properties of organic/electrode interfaces and devices

Permanent Scientific Researchers

Carmen Ocal

Research Professor

Esther Barrena

Tenured Scientist

Albert Verdaguer

Tenured Scientist

Xavier Torrelles

Research Scientist

Postdoctoral Researchers

Daniel Martin

Project Researcher

Research Lines

Development of new SPM modes based in multifrequency dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) to study wetting, ice nucleation and identification of chemical groups at the nanoscale. (AV)

Growth of organic ultra-thin films and chemical functionalization of surfaces (EB, CO)

Nanoscale electrical and structural properties of organic/electrode interfaces investigated by SPM (EB, CO)

Organic/organic heterojunctions and nanoscale electrical properties of organic electronic devices (EB, CO)

Study of ice nucleation on surfaces focusing on the effect of surfaces on heterogeneous nucleation and ice growth at ambient conditions. (AV)

Study of the interaction of water with ferroelectric surfaces and its role in surface charge screening using SPM and AP-XPS techniques.

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