González Campo


Contact data:

Extension: 436170
Direct phone: 932557295
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Department: Molecular and Supramolecular Materials

University Degrees:

Sept 2010 - July 2011, Master in Management and Political Leadership, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain

Sept 1996 - June 2001, Bachelor in ChemistryUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain.



Sept 2001- June 2006, PhD Chemistry, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain. Dr. Rosario Núñez-Aguilera

Most significative academic merits:

Patent: Nanocomposite material, method for producing nanocomposite, and insulating materials, WO2010/026668A1, A. González-Campo, M. Shaffer, C.K. Williams, N. Sato, Entitiy Holding: Imperial College London/ Toyota Motors




  • Best Poster, 3rd Granada International School of Crystallization. 2012
  • Extraordinary Award of Doctorate for the PhD thesis, UAB, 2008. Award of best PhD UAB. 2008
  • Second prize, 1st International Young Boron Chemistry Award. International Boron research . 2008.
  • Sant Jordi's awards from Institute of Catalan Studies - Catalan Chemical Society for the MSc Thesis, 2004.

Scientific Highlights:

J. Muñoz, M. Riba-Moliner, L.J. Brennan, Y.K. Gun’Ko, F. Cespedes, A. González-Campo*, M. Baeza*, 2016,” Amperometric thyroxine sensor usign a nanocomposite based on graphene modified with gold nanoparticles carrying a thiolated β-cyclodextrin”, Microchimia Acta, 183(5), 1579-1589

A. Gonzalez-Campo, D. B. Amabilino, 2013, Biomolecules at Interfaces: Chiral, Naturally, Biochirality: Origins, Evolution and Molecular Recognition, Topics in Current Chemistry, 333, 109-156. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, ISBN: 978-3-642-37625-2

A. Gonzalez-Campo, S. Han Hsu, L. Puig, J. Huskens, D. N. Reinhoudt, A. H. Velders, 2010, “Orthogonal covalent and noncovalent functionalization of cyclodextrin-alkyne patterned surfaces”, Journal of the American Society, 132, 11434-11436. 

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