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Great success of the PBSi conference chaired by Clara Viñas and with a high participation of ICMAB researchers

The Phosphorus, Boron and Silicon (PBSi) Conference, held in Barcelona on 10-12 December 2018, counted with the participation of 150 scientists, and was chaired by Prof. Clara Viñas, from ICMAB-CSIC, and Prof. Evamarie Hey-Hawkings from Universität Leipzig. According to the participants, the conference was a great success!

24 December 2018

A day for each element

Each one of the three days of the PBSi conference were focused on one of the three elements, Phosphorus, Boron and Silicon:

  1. The first day of the conference was dedicated to Phosphorus and the related environmental aspects "Sustainable use of Phosphorus". Some of the main speakers of this topic were Chris Slootweg, Wilem Schipper and Jan J. Weigand.
  2. The second day was dedicated to Boron, with a special focus on medicine "Boron-based compounds: potential and emerging applications in medicine", with some of the main speakers: Agnieska Adamczyk-Wozniak, Detlef Gabel, and Tony Liu.
  3. The third day was for Silicon, and focused on materials "Novel applications of Silicon-based materials", with some of the main speakers: Julien Cambedouzou, Valeria Harabagiu, and Emanuel Ionescu.

According to the organizers, the conference was informative and very valuable. We are very happy for Clara and all her team for the great work done. 

"Thanks to the participants' presence and enthusiasm, the event has been a great success and a productive, as well as enjoyable moment for all", Clara said. 

Participation of the ICMAB

Clara Viñas, apart from being one of the conference chair, gave a Plenary Lecture entitled "Harmony between Boron clusters and Phosphorous moieties enhances the properties of the resulting nanomaterials". 

clara 1 red

Prof. Clara Viñas, co-chair of the conference

The Inorganic Materials and Catalysis Laboratory participated with many oral communications and oral presentations, see below the whole list!

Oral communications:

  • Dense antipodal binding site polysubstitution of o-carborane – opening new possibilities for spherical close packing, fluorescence and new polymer materials. - Zsolt Kelemen, Francesc Teixidor, Clara Viñas  
  • Boron-enriched carbon hybrids as theranostic agents for BNCT and biomedical imaging - Albert Ferrer-Ugalde, Stefania Sandoval, Gerard Tobias, Jordi Llop, Rosario Núnez  
  • The meeting of metallacarboranes with electric and magnetic materials - Francesc Teixidor, Isabel Fuentes, Arpita Saha, Clara Viñas  
  • Novel Carborane-based Linkers for MOFs: Introduction of Flexibility and Reversible Single-Crystal Phase Transitions - José Giner Planas, Fangchang Tan, Ana López-periago, Mark E. Light, Jordi Cirera,  , Eliseo Ruiz, Alejandro Borrás, Francesc Teixidor, Clara Viñas, Concha Domingo  
  • Deciphering on the reactivity of m-carborane and its derivatives - Ines Bennour, Clara Viñas, Francesc Teixidor  
  • Multi-electron-acceptors in boron chemistry. - Ana Begoña Buades, Francesc Teixidor, Clara Viñas, Carmen Ocal, Victor Sanchez-Arderiu, David Ollid-Britos, Xavier Fontrodona  
  • Boron and silicon: the perfect combination. From boron cluster-containing single molecules to octasilsesquioxane-based hybrids. - Rosario Núnez, Justo Cabrera-González, Albert Ferrer-Ugalde, Francesc Teixidor, Clara Viñas, Mahdi Chaari


  • Fully inorganic coordination polymers, all containing a m-carboranylphosphinate - Isabel Romero, Elena Eoleshkevich, Clara Viñas, Francesc Teixidor  
  • Novel Potentiometric Microsensors using [Co(C2B9H11)2] based Ion Pair Complexes. - Abhishek Saini, Isabel Fuentes, Clara Viñas, Abdelhamid Errachid, Francesc Teixidor  
  • A new Ruthenium-cobaltabisdicarbollide complex as efficient catalyst for photochemical oxidation - Isabel Guerrero Troyano, Clara Viñas, Isabel Romero, Francesc Teixidor  
  • Exploring a new dimension in everyday polymers: The co-polymerization of boron cluster-doped polypyrrole and styrenyl-fuctionalized boron clusters - Miquel Núez Martínez, Clara Viñas, Francesc Teixidor  

More information

Some of the conference pictures are already available in the Facebook album here, and more photos will be posted during the upcoming days.

If you want more information about the PBSi conference, you can follow them on their social media channels. They are very active and include more photos and videos: TwitterFacebookLinkedIn

Photos credit: PBSi Conference Facebook page

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