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ICMAB, 14 Feb 2020: "El Enigma Agustina" for the #ICMAB11F2020

On Friday, 14 February 2020, the film "El Enigma Agustina" will be screened at the ICMAB (in Spanis, with English subtitles). After the success of the film that we screened to celebrate Christmas at the ICMAB, we will show it again, in the framework of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11F). Don't miss the opportunity to meet Agustina Ruiz Dupont!

Feb 3, 2020

“El enigma Agustina”


In the course of a PhD Thesis about Blas Cabrera, a PhD researcher finds some old documents and photos in an old trunk at the El Pardo Palace. Among all the documents, there is a doctoral thesis in physics by Agustina Ruiz Dupont, in addition of some letters signed by some of the most famous scientists of the XXth century. Who is this mysterious woman, with no historical references, but that seems so important at the time? The enigma Agustina begins.
The Film “El enigma Agustina” (2018) is an Original Idea of Manuel González & Emilio J. García (IAA-CSIC), with Nerea Cordero, Antonio Leiva, Natalia Ruiz Zelmanovitch and Manuel González as main characters. Produced by Laniakea Management & Communication.“El enigma Agustina” is funded by the IAA-CSIC and the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología - Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (FECYT-MINECO), with the collaboration of the Sociedad Española de Astronomía (SEA), the Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía, and the  Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer (IAM).

The film is in Spanish and will be available with English subtitles (VOSE). 


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  • AMIT-CAT organizes their first Women in Science Conference

    15 January 2021 156 hit(s) ICMAB Events
    The conference, open to everyone interested, will take place on Monday, 8 Februrary 2021, through the Youtube channel of the association, and is in the framework of 11F, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.
  • 100 attendees at the 1st meeting of the CSIC Equality Committees promoted by the ICM

    14 December 2020 218 hit(s) ICMAB Events
    The meeting, held as part of the European H2020 project LeTSGEPs, was organized by the ICM (Institut de Ciències del Mar) in coordination with the CSIC Equality Committee and the CSIC Women and Science Committee. The ICMAB was present in the event to explain our experience in Gender Equality, after receiving the Equality Distinction in 2018, and to share and learn good practices in Gender Equality. 

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