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ICMAB among the "Energy for Society" network technologies portfolio

The reference network in R+D+i Energy for Society (XRE4S) has a portfolio with more than 30 technological solutions in the energy sector ready to be implemented and present to companies and investors. 

07 January 2022
Instrument to preparare coated conductors (SUMAN Group)
Instrument to preparare coated conductors (SUMAN Group)

The technologies come from 39 research groups of the main universities and research centers in Catalonia that are part of the XRE4S, including the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC). 

The technological solutions are in the sectors of:

Some of the most intersting technologies by the industrial sector are the CO2 conversion, the digitalization of energy, and improving the battery materials and processes. 

The XRE4S portfolio includes more than 30 innovative technological solutions in the energy sector, that are presented to the industrial sector to search for synergies and collaborations with companies. 

ICMAB technologies

Each of the technologies developed by the XRE4S is explained in simple language, through more than 30 videos. The ICMAB technologies included in these videos are the following, which can be found and explained in this post "The Energy for Society Network (XRE4S) includes three ICMAB technologies in its portfolio":

Technology Solutions Webinars

In addition to the videos, the XRE4S has organized, together with various business clusters and platforms, webinars to offer solutions to companies in relation to their energy needs. According to Joana Tarrés, promoter of XRE4S, “companies need innovation, but it is difficult for them to detect which solutions are feasible for them”. "Our network aims to facilitate this connection with the academic world that is developing, today, the technological solutions of tomorrow."

Technologies in the commercialization phase

The technologies have been developed by the research and technological centers and universities that are members of the XRE4S: IREC, BSC, CIMNE, EURECAT, ICIQ, ICMAB-CSIC, IMB-CSIC, ICN2, La Salle-University Ramon Llull, University of Barcelona, ​​University of Vic- Central University of Catalonia, University of Lleida, University of Girona and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

These centers have developed solutions such as the use of 3D printing technology to manufacture more efficient fuel cells, which helps the implementation of hydrogen as an energy vector (IREC), an electronic controller for batteries in motorcycles or hybrid vehicles (CITCEA-UPC ), the use of supercomputing facilities to find areas of Catalonia with the potential to extract geothermal energy (BSC), the use of algorithms to determine and predict local energy consumption from a postal code (CIMNE) or the conversion of waste of animal origin into biofuels (CT BETA- UVic-UCC).

Some of the technologies are transferred to a spin-off, which arise from the research centers themselves, and are already in the commercialization phase. Others are in the process of being licensed to third parties or finding the most suitable market to be implemented.

Some of the identified solutions have received advice on marketing and business strategies through the XRE4S Lab-to-Market (L2M) program. The objective is to facilitate the transfer of technology to the market and promote communication between the scientific and business worlds. From ICMAB, the Superconducting Materials (SUMAN) group has participated in the Lab2Market programme and are very happy with the training and results achieved. 


Instrument to prepare organic semiconductors films (Nanopto Group)

About XRE4S

XRE4S is the R+D+I Network Energy for Society: a multidisciplinary and transversal ecosystem that gathers the expertise in the energy field of the main universities and research centres in Catalonia. The main goal is to promote the technology transfer and valorisation of energy technologies to industry and society. From ICMAB, 4 research groups participate in this network, which is also supported by our Technology Transfer Office. 

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union in the framework of the ERDF Operational Program Catalonia 2014-2020 and supported by the Secretary of Universities and Research of the Ministry for Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.

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