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ICMAB hosts the Science Illustration exhibition by Roc Olivé

ICMAB participates in the initiative "Yo ilustro la ciencia 3" within Illustraciencia, an international cycle of activities between October and December 2017. We are hosting a Science Illustration exhibition by Roc Olivé Pous, specialized in paleoart, dinosaurs, biology and medicine, in the framework of the "Setmana de la Ciència 2017" activities organized by the CSIC in Catalunya. 

20 November 2017

The exhibition is open from November 20, 2017, and the inauguration will take place on November 29, during the First Meeting between Illustrators and Scientists, that will gather more than 20 illustrators in a round table and networking activity with scientists from ICMAB and all the Campus UAB.  

We are very happy to host these two activities, since we think that Science Illustration is a fantastic way to communicate science, and we would like to invigorate the relationship between scientists and illustrators in order to create more of these amazing outcomes!

Come and enjoy the Science Illustrations! The exhibition is open to everybody! 

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