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ICMAB joins StoRIES, a pan-European project to build up a unique Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System

The European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme intends to align research and development activities in the fields of energy storage.

04 March 2021
Banner for the StoRIES proposal
Banner for the StoRIES proposal

The Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System (StoRIES) was created as part of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Joint Programme on Energy Stoage to address the challenges that must be faced to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal. The consortium includes 16 partners, including ICMAB-CSIC, represented by Xavier Granados, from the Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures (SUMAN) Group.

It also includes 31 beneficiaries from 17 countries, all having a vast background in all the energy storage technologies (electrochemical, chemical, thermal, mechanical and superconducting magnetic storages). StoRIES proposal brings together ESFRI facilities, European energy associations (EERA, and European Association for Storage of Energy, EASE), technology institutes, universities and industrial partners.

In aid of the European Green Deal

Overcoming the existential threat of climate change and its symptoms is the main objective of this Action Plan that intends to create a sustainable European economy where economic growth is independent from the use of resources. A key objective of this plan is to achieve a lack of net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.

Doing so will require a dependency on renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar photovoltaic, creating an incentive to develop these technologies and many others. An important factor would be the development of efficient energy storage technologies that can compensate the fluctuations in energy production associated with these sources of energy.

The objectives of the StoRIES proposal focus on the development and improvement of materials for devices and the optimization of hybrid energy systems that are more competitive and have reduced costs. To achieve it, they will provide access to world-class research infrastructures and services, as well as an analysis of socio-technical and environmental aspects of new developments and systems, and training and education on these issues.

With the roadmap in energy storage in Europe already laid out by EASE and EERA, the StoRIES proposal intends to optimize the networking between research infrastructures, creating an ecosystem that promotes short-term innovation and new energy technology standards, within Europe and with International peers.

Next event

To speed up the ecosystem building, EERA Joint Programme on Energy Storage will host a webinar on 'Materials for Hybrid Energy Storage - Creating an Ecosystem for Innovation' on 14 April 2021, in which you can participate. 

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