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ICMAB participates in the Barcelona Science Festival, from 15th to 28th May

During two whole weeks, Barcelona is science! The most traditional event is the "Festa de la Ciència" (Science party), this year at its 11th edition, at the Parc de la Ciutadella, which will take place during the weekend 27th-28th May.
17 May 2017

A full weekend of activities, including a Saturday night (27th May) of stars observation, special Pint of Science talks, the Brain Simphony and the Katastrhope show, by Sr. Serrano company. 

Some ICMAB members will participate in micro-talks about photonic crystals, solar cells, bacterial cellulose and nanomaterials. More information soon!!

In addition, during the two weeks, there are a bunch of activities that you cannot miss if you like science:

  • PINT OF SCIENCE FESTIVAL: 15th-17th May. At seven different bars in the city: Alfa, Grizzly 72 Sports Bar, Blacklab Brewhouse, La Iguana, Bacanal Café, Mau Mau and Michael Collins.
Esther Barrena and Ana Pérez were on May 16th at Michael Collins Bar. We could discover the nanoworld with them: 2D materials, atomic force microscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy... and we even organized a 3D printing bridge contest with Guillermo de Andrés, and show how graphene was obtained from graphite with Laura López.
  • OPENING CONFERENCE: 17th May, at 7 pm, at the Reial Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts de Barcelona. The conference is entitled "Qui té el dret a la ciutat verda i saludable?" , by Isabelle Anguelovski (ICTA-UAB).
  • BIOBLITZ: 19th-21st May at Jardí Botànic Històric de Montjuïc. An activity to discover the nature that involves the collaboration of the citizens to carry out an intensive biodiversity census. 
  • ACTS2017. INTERSECCIONS ENTRE ART, CIÈNCIA, TECNOLOGIA I SOCIETAT: 22nd May at CCCB. Meeting point between art, science, technology and society.
  • 4th DAY OF CITIZEN SCIENCE: 25th May at Museu Blau. A day to debate and share experiences abou the use of data in the citizen science projects, and good practices in relation with the implication of several agents. Register here.


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