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ICMAB Researcher Núria Crivillers joins the Young Academy of Europe

The organization offers a younger point of view on science and science policy.

The Young Academy of Europe is an organization that brings together young scientists and scholars from all parts of Europe that have outspoken views about science and science policy. It’s a bottom-up organization that develops networking activities, as well as advocacy, science policy and scientific exchanges.

18 March 2021
Núria Crivillers
Núria Crivillers

Their main objective is providing input to shape EU-wide policy for the benefit of future European scholars and scientists while involving top young scientists in the future European research strategies.

ICMAB Researcher Núria Crivillers, from the Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials (NANOMOL) Group, has been accepted as one of the latest members of this organization. This is what she finds interesting about the Young Academy of Europe:

“I believe that the YAE nurtures the ideal environment to share the motivation and concerns of young researchers that aim to contribute in building new and better common European scenarios in different areas like in education, by for example consolidating existing inter-university and inter-undergraduate student’s programs, improve science communication to the general public, open science, gender equality, etc. Further, it is really exciting that some activities of the Academia are directed to serve as a platform fostering international scientific exchange, collaboration and knowledge transfer among its members.”

As one of the members of the YAE, Núria Crivillers will collaborate on their advocacy, networking, communication and exchange activities:

“I have been very recently accepted as a member of the YAE, so I still cannot tell or anticipate  how it will influence on my career but, I’m convinced that and, that’s why I presented my  nomination, from the moment you enter into the YAE you start benefitting from being part of  an excellent network of young researchers from different countries around Europe that want to  take an active role in some of the activities that the Academia promotes, which otherwise  would not be, or it would be really completed, individually. The members of the Academia celebrate an annual meeting and that will be an excellent opportunity to meet the other researchers and to discuss the present and future actions.”

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