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Sendai, Japan, 8-12 AUG: 6th International Solvothermal and Hydrothermal Association Conference (ISHA2018)

The 6th International Solvothermal and Hydrothermal Association Conference (ISHA2018) will be held on August 8-12, 2018 in Sendai Japan. This conference will cover wide-variety topics on solvothermal and hydrothermal research, as well as some topics including food science, waste disposal, characterization techniques, origin of life, mathematics and simulation.

05 March 2018

Solvothermal and hydrothermal research have attracted attention of many active researchers because of their advantages in their wide variety of technological applications. The ISHA2018, focuses on science and technology under exotic circumstances including high-pressure solvents/water, supercritical fluids, ionic liquids, and related medium, and covers wide-variety topics among advanced materials science and technology as well as other topics including earth science, food science, waste disposal, and characterization techniques.

The topics include, but not limited to: Solvothermal/Hydrothermal Processes, Supercritical Fluids & Ionic Liquids, Properties & Phase Equilibria, Advanced Analyses, Mathematics & Simulations, Earth Science, Food Science, Origin of Life, Advanced Material,s Energy & Environmental Applications, Biological & Medical Applications, Catalysts, Batteries, Resources & Recycles, and Commercial Applications.

The deadline of the abstract submission has been extended to April 10, 2018.

The ISHA2018 will be a great platform for the researchers and students to exchange their scientific opinions and a good chance to meet future collaborations.

Nora Ventosa, researcher at the NANOMOL group at ICMAB, is member of the International Advisory Committee of this conference. 

Download here the 2nd Circular and visit here the website

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