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Judit Tomsen, PhD fellow at the Nanomol group, best oral presentation at European Student Colloid Conference (ESC) 2019

Judit Tomsen, PhD fellow at the Nanomol group, was awarded with the best oral presentation at the European Students Colloid Conference (ESC-2019), that took place in Varna (Bulgaria) on 18-22 June 2019.

18 June 2019

The European Colloids and Interfaces Society (ECIS) organizes biannually ESC meetings of advanced students at PhD and MSc level who are undertaking research in the area of colloid and interface science at a European University.

These meetings are intended for students to present their work to their peers and to interact both scientifically and socially. Apart from a few invited senior lecturers, meetings are restricted to PhD students, who have not yet submitted their theses, and to MSc students.

Presentations may be either oral or poster, but oral presentations are usually restricted to students in the later stages of their project. Around 100 students from more than 25 countries gather in this meeting to share their work and experiences.

 In 2019, the ESC meeting took place in Varna, Bulgaria, 18-22 June, and was organized by the Sofia University.


  • Surfactants, micelles, self-assembly
  • Interfacial phenomena and adsorption
  • Surface forces, liquid films, interactions in colloids
  • Theoretical modeling and computer simulations of colloids
  • Colloidal dispersions, foams, emulsions, suspension
  • Polymer solutions, gels and phase behavior 
  • Biomedical aspects of colloids

judit tomsen esc 2

Judit Tomsen presented her oral communication entitled "Design of peptide targeted nanovesicles for the α-galactosidase A enzyme delivery". She carries out her work in the Nanomol Group, with Nora Ventosa as supervisor.  


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