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Julio Fraile will defend his PhD Thesis on 7 July 2022 at ICMAB

The PhD researcher Julio Fraile, from the Solid State Chemistry (SSC) Group at ICMAB-CSIC, will defend his PhD thesis on Thursday, 7 July 2022 at 11 am at ICMAB.

04 July 2022
Julio Fraile will defend the PhD Thesis on 7 July
Julio Fraile will defend the PhD Thesis on 7 July

Utilización de técnicas de adsorción de gases para la caracterización textural de materiales micro y mesoporosos

Julio Fraile, from the Solid State Chemistry (SSC) Group at ICMAB-CSIC

Date: Thursday, 7 July 2022
Time: 11:00 am
Venue: Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles, ICMAB-CSIC. Register here to attend online by Zoom. 


The physical adsorption of gases is the technique of first choice to study the characteristics of the pores originated in solid materials. The technique accurately determines the amount of gas adsorbed on a solid material, and it is considered as a direct measurement of textural properties in porous structures. In this Thesis, it is emphasized that these adsorption measurements are not as direct and infallible as usually described in the literature. The most common errors and limitations in the analysis of surface area and pore size distribution derived from adsorption/desorption isotherms of N2 at 77 K in mesoporous and microporous materials are identified and discussed in depth, with special emphasis on low-density mesoporous materials (e.g. aerogels) and in flexible microporous materials (e.g., MOFs and ZIFs).


  • Concepción Domingo, SFFM, SSC, ICMAB-CSIC
  • Ana Mª López-Periago, SFFM, SSC, ICMAB-CSIC

PhD Comittee:

  • President: Rafael Rodríguez Clemente, CSIC
  • Secretary: Alejandra Fanovich, CONICET, Argentina
  • Vocal: Pascale Paternault, ICBM Nano-objects - Universitè de Bordeaux, France

University: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
PhD Programme: Chemistry PhD Programme

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