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Laromaine Sagué

Group Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites

Contact data:

Extension: 436167
Direct phone: 932557367
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Department: SMIHM


My scientific work is interdisciplinary encompassing chemistry, materials science and biology and inspired by my work experience at world leading institutions in three different continents. My research steps are intrepid, innovative and solid from synthesis of materials to cell cultures pushing the state of the art while blending disciplines. I strongly believe on the power of scientists to speed the translation of materials to a final product and its potential to run the world-economies.

Since May 2011 I joined the ICMAB-CSIC as Researcher within the Group of Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites. 

Currently  my research is divided in two parts: 1) the production of bacterial cellulose materials and their nanocomposites and 2) the evaluation of nanoparticles using different approaches such as cell cultures  and the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.

Research interest

cellulose, nanoparticles, biomaterials, nanocomposites and Caenorhabditis elegans

University Degrees:

Oct14-May16,MBA,  Pompeu Fabra University. (Spain).

Sept00-Feb05, PhD Chemistry, University Autònoma of Barcelona(Spain)   Prof. C.Viñas

Sept96-Jun00,Bachelor in Chemistry, University of Girona, (Spain).


July16-now; Tenured Scientist, CSIC-ICMAB (Spain) (C)

May11-June16; Tenure Track RyC, CSIC-ICMAB (Spain) Prof.A.Roig(C)

Sept08-April11; Postdoctoral ,Harvard Univ. (USA) Prof.G.M.Whitesides(F+C)

March-Sept08; Postdoctoral,Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) Prof.F.Stellacci(F)

Oct06; Visiting Scientist, Korean Research Inst. Biomedical and Bioeng. Prof.B.Chung(F)

May05-Feb08; Postdoctoral, Imperial College London (UK) Prof.M.M.Stevens(F+C)

Sept-Nov03; Predoctoral, Liege University (Belgium) Prof.A.Demonceau(F)

June-Sept99; Research assistant, University of Girona (Spain) Prof.A.Llobet

Most significative academic merits:

Oct14-16,Fellowship to pursue MBA at the UPF Business Management School.

May11-April16, Tenure Track Ramón y Cajal competitive contract MICINN (Spain).

Sept08-Sept09, Fulbright Postdoc. Fellowship Catalan Government (Spain-USA).

June06-June08,Postdoc. Beatriu de Pinós Catalan Government (Spain).

Sept-Oct06,Travel Bursary from OSI Oxford University (UK).

Feb06-Jun06, Postdoc. for Nanotechnology Research Catalan Government (Spain).

Sept02-Sept04, Predoc. for specialized research lines with industrial interest CSIC (Spain).

Sept00-Sept02, Predoc. MEC and specialized research lines with industrial interest CSIC (Spain).

Awards, July16,Fellow l´Oreal for Women in Science

             March14, Femtalent award to the Emerging Talent.

             Nov07, Extraordinary Award of Doctorate awarded by UAB (Barcelona).

Scientific Highlights:

Last papers published:

 Bio-identity and fate of albumin-coated IONs evaluated in cells and by the C. elegans model S-M. Yu, L.González-Moragas, M. Milla, A. Kolovou, R. Santarella-Mellwig, Y. Schwab, A. Laromaine*, A. Roig Acta Biomaterialia, 2016, 43, 348-357. IF: 6.04 Field(F):Q1, 2th/33Material Science.

Albumin-coated SPIONs: an experimental and theoretical evaluation of protein conformation, binding affinity and competition with serum proteins S-M. Yu, A. Peralvarez-Marin, C. Minelli, J. Faraudo, A. Roig, A. Laromaine* Nanoscale, 2016, 8, 30, 14393-14405. IF: 7.76 F: Q1, 18th/163 Chemistry, Multidisciplinary.

 C. elegans as a tool for in vivo nanoparticle assessment L. González- Moragas, A. Roig, A. Laromaine,* Adv. Colloids and Interface Science, 2015,219:10-26. IF:7.8, C:6,. F:Q1, 17th/144 Chemistry, Physical.

Paper-Supported Three-Dimensional Cell Culture for Tissue-Based Bioassays, R.Derda, A.Laromaine, A.Mamoto, S.Tang, T.Mammoto, D.Ingber, G.M.Whitesides. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 2010, 106, 44, 18457. IF:9.4, F: Q1, 4 th/63 Multidisciplinary sciences. C: 164.                                                                             Highlighted in Nature Methods 2009,6,12,865.