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Little scientists for a day: great Kids' Day at ICMAB 2018!

On Wednesday, 5 September, the ICMAB staff could bring their children, their grandchildren, and even their nephews and nieces to spend a morning at our centre full of scientific activities for another edition of the Kids Day!

In the end, more than 75 kids of ages between 1 and 17 joined us! Many volunteers from the ICMAB helped out during the day, organizing the activities and taking care of the kids. Thank you all for your great collaboration and participation!

14 September 2018

See the photos in our flickr album here!

Some of the activities were: 

  • Breaking sweets and making icecream with liquid nitrogen
  • Spherification of peach juice and gelification of agar agar
  • Building batteries with plastiline
  • Chemical experiments with vinegar and vegetables
  • Photonic experiments with light and mirrors
  • Baking a chocolate cake in the microwave
  • Memory game with electron microscopy images
  • Nano-activity: what is the nanoscale and how do the materials properties change?
  • A visit to the SEM and Magnetisim Labs
  • ...

The kids enjoyed all the activities and had lots of fun. The adults also liked the experience and are willing to repeat it next year!

We had a coffee break altogether, and ended up with a picnic outside. We were lucky to have a sunny morning! 

Thanks to all the volunteers and to all the ICMAB staff for this great day. 

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