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M. Rosa Palacín and the study of batteries in the first video of the new ALBA Synchrotron series

The ALBA Synchrotron, in collaboration with the FECYT, has made a series of five informative videos in which some examples of experiments performed with synchrotron light are reported.

Anna May
11 July 2022
M. Rosa Palacín in the ALBA Synchrotron video

The first one, starring M. Rosa Palacín from ICMAB-CSIC, talks about the study of batteries. Ashley Black, researcher in the group of Palacín also appears in the video, as well as some ALBA scientists. 

alba bat 2

M. Rosa Palacín in the ALBA Synchrotron video

Synchrotron light is electromagnetic radiation that allows to explore the micro and nano properties of matter. It contains a continuum of wavelengths, from infrared to hard X-rays, with application in a surprisingly wide range of areas of knowledge.

alba bat 3

Ashley Black in the ALBA Synchrotron video

To continue showing some of the experiments carried out at the ALBA Synchrotron, a series of five videos have been prepared, which will be available in the next weeks on ALBA's Youtube channel. New materials, study and effects of Covid-19, industrial adhesives and spintronics. ALBA Users coming from universities, research centers and companies explain how they have benefited from synchrotron light.

alba bat 1

ALBA Synchrotron video cover

This first video focuses on the search for alternative materials to manufacture batteries. The researcher and deputy director of the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), M. Rosa Palacín, explains how they use synchrotron light to know more in detail how new materials  to make batteries (based on abundant and low-cost elements) are and how they behave with the aim of moving towards energy transition.

These videos are part of the outreach project FCT-20-15798, co-funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) - Ministry of Science and Innovation. 

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