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M. Rosa Palacin in the closing session of the 7th edition of the JIPI meeting at the UB Paranimf

On Monday, 4 February 2019, the Paranimf of the Universitat de Barcelona hosted the 7th edition of the Interdisciplinary Meeting of Predoctoral Researchers (JIPI, Jornada d'Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinària), organized by PhD fellows and supported by many entities and organizations, including the ICMAB-CSIC. M. Rosa Palacin was invited in the closing session of the event, in which some of our ICMAB PhD researchrers participated. 

04 February 2019

The JIPI is organized since 2013 by PhD researchers from different universities and reserach centers. It started by PhD fellows of the Physics Faculty of the Universitat de Barcelona, but rapidly gained support from different universities and research centers, IEC societies and other entities, and more PhD fellows joined the organization.

The main part of the meeting are the Flash Talks, given by the PhD fellows in a very casual and informative way. The best Flash Talks, voted by the students, receive an award in the end of the session. The meeting also includes a couple of Poster Sessions, a Speed Networking Session (since the very first edition), and debates and workshops of interest for PhD fellows, such as Communcation, Career Path, Women in Science or Research outside Academia.

ArturRomanov JIPIArtur Romanov presenting his Flash Talk at JIPI 2019

This year, the JIPI counted with the participation of some PhD fellows from the ICMAB:

  • Artur Romanov, from the SUMAN group and PhD fellow of the DOC-FAM project, presented the "High temperature superconductor coated conductors for the FCC-hh collider beam screen coating”
  • Mayte Gómez Castaño, from the NANOPTO group presented “Metamaterials for negative refraction: making a perfect lens”
  • Juan Forero-Saboya, from the Solid State Chemisty group, presented “Next generation batteries: Focusing on Calcium and Magnesium chemistries”
  • Mathieu Mirjolet, Juri Banchewski attended the JIPI meeting
  • Other PhD fellows of the DOC-FAM project presented some posters or attended the meeting

Photo 04 02 2019 19 43 49

 DOC-FAM PhD fellows attending the JIPI meeting

M. Rosa Palacin, Vice-director of the ICMAB, participated in the closing event, together with the Dr. Domènec Espriu, Vice-director of Research UB, Dr. Lluís Alsedà, Director at CRM, Dr. Armand Sánchez, Vice-rector of Research at UAB

"This interdisciplinary meeting allows PhD researchers to think out of the box, which is many times necessary for excellent research outbreaks! The ICMAB is delighted to support this meeting" M. Rosa Palacin, ICMAB Vice-director

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