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Madame Châtelet for the high school Infanta Isabel from Barcelona who visited ICMAB

On Friday, March 9 2018, one day after the International Women's Day, the students from 2n BTX of the high school Infanta Isabel in Barcelona visited our Institute.

A surprise awaited them: instead of having the usual seminar from one of our researchers, they had 12 researchers from the Institute waiting from them. But this 12 women did not give them a talk. Instead, they represented the play "Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers".

09 March 2018

A dramatized lecture about women in science, female scientists, who have made enourmous contributions to our world, but most of them remain unknown for many of us. From Hypatia of Alexandria, Sybilla Merian, Rosalind Franklin or Vera Rubin, to name a few.

Visita INS Infanta Isabel 2018

The people in charge of the lecture are: Carmen Ocal, Anna Roig, Esther Barrena, Anna Laromaine, Marta Vendrell, Rosa Palacín, Mariona Coll, Arantxa González, Núria Aliaga, Rosario Núñez, Anna May, Susagna Ricart, Joana Martínez, Imma Ratera, Solene Passemard, M. Isabel Alonso, and Mariana Kober, all of them from ICMAB.

After the play, we had a short and interesting discussion on women in science and then we proceeded to visit some of our labs. In this case, we visited the X-ray diffraction lab, with Anna Crespi, Joan Esquius and F. Xavier Campos, who made the students discover which pharmaceutical compound they were analyzing; the Low Temperatures and Magnetometry lab, with Bernat Bozzo, who showed them the powerful effect of magnetic fields; the Clean Room, with Marta Riba, from the Nanoquim Platform, who explained them why the regulations are so strict in a clean room working with nanomaterials; and finally, the SoftLab with Amable Bernabé, who explained them how to synthesize nanocapsules and vesicules using supercritical CO2. 

All in all, a very nice visit to commemorate the International Women's Day, and the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. 


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