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Excellent research topics during the Nanoselect NOE Annual Meeting 2017

During the last 10-12 July, more than 50 members of ICMAB spent three days in Sant Feliu de Guíxols for the Nanoselect Network Of Excellence Annual Meeting 2017. The three days were filled with talks and poster sessions, of many interesting topics. 

20 July 2017

Some of the questions that the researchers exposed during the talks, were the following: 

  • How can magnetic information be kept in a safe way?
  • Can spins substitute electrons? Can spintronics become a new extended discipline, such as electronics?
  • How can a material become multifunctional?
  • How can magnetic memories be controlled by electric fields?
  • How is heat transmitted within a crystal, and within a solid?
  • Can we understand how the Earth nucleous can affect us, temperature-wise speaking?
  • What is the relationship between the crystal structure at atomic scale and the quantum materials properties?
  • Can we understand how the defects in some materials have an influence on their electric, electronic and magnetic properties?
  • What is a metamaterial?
  • Can we generate new magnetic forms that do not exist in nature?
  • Will these metamaterials be used to transmit wireless energy, for example, to charge a car or an electronic device?
  • Can we fabricate devices sensitive enough to detect the electric charge that a human generates
  • Can piezoelectric materials be used to obtain images from the inside of a human body?
  • How can we fabricate superconducting tapes in the fastest possible way?
  • Which will the batteries of the future be? 
  • Can we do batteries from abundant Earth elements and based on calcium, instead of lithium?
  • Can we fabricate efficient solar cells with abundant Earth and non-toxic elements?
  • Which will be the electronic that will allow the Internet of Things to be a reality?
  • How can we fabricate low cost night-vision cameras?
  • How does the oxygen present in the air influence fuell cells, superconducting materials, or resistive switching based non-volatile memories?

Let's see if in next year's Annual Meeting, some of these questions have been properly addressed, and we can come back and enjoy of the the nice venue, Hotel Eden Rock, by the sea. 

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