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Cluster MAV Nanotechnology Day: Success Stories + NanoHUB Presentation

On October 9, 2019, during the World Nanotechnology Day, the working group on "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology" of the Advanced Materials Cluster (Clúster de Materials Avançats de Catalunya) presented the platform NanoHUB.cat. 
Oct 9, 2019


The NanoHUB website is created with the objective to offer services and capacities of the companies and institutions of the Advanced Materials Cluster to the market, as well as to share instrumentation and infrastructures. 

This website also aims to be a platform to connect organizations and infrastructures devoted or related to nanotechnology, to increase their capacity and competitivity and to facilitate the sharing of their resources.

The ICMAB Scientific Equipment Platforms are included in the platform, together with other capacities from various research centers and companies.

We offer:

  • Characterization and synthesis services in our own laboratories, having modern equipment and diverse techniques.
  • Interpretation of the results and reports elaboration upon request
  • Access to the Nanocluster Scientific Equipment Platforms
  • Highly qualified technicians and scientists, experts in the development new techniques
  • Accuracy and formality (trust, security, accuracy)
  • Supervision in all stages of the work
  • Organization of courses and seminars on novel techniques and equipment and their applications in many scientific and technical problems

For more information about our participation in NanoHUB.cat, please contact our Technology and Transfer Officer, Alfonso del Rey

Success stories

During the presentation event, several success stories of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies that have been introduced in the market were presented. Our two spin-offs, Oxolutia and Nanomol Technologies, were represented:  Valentina Roxana Vlad, from Oxolutia, and Lídia Ferrer, from Nanomol Technologies, presented some of their projects.          

nanomol tech red

Lídia Ferrer (Nanomol Technologies)

oxolutia red

Roxana Vlad (Oxolutia) 

More information:

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