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Manuel Souto awarded with the first runner-up prize at the NANOMATMOL PhD contest

Manuel Souto has won the first runner-up doctorate NANOMOLMAT 2016 award, granted by the Specialized Group in Nanoscience and Molecular Materials (NANOMATMOL) from the RSEQ and RSEF, to the best PhD theses of 2016.

29 June 2017

The results of the contest have been made public during the Meeting of the NANOMATMOL group during the XXXVI Biennial Meeting of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) in Sitges, on June 26, 2017. 

From a total of 13 PhD thesis presented, Manuel Souto won the first runner-up prize for his thesis entitled "Multifunctional Materials based on TTFPTM dyads: towards new Molecular Switches, Conductors and Rectifiers", which was supervised by Jaume Veciana and Imma Ratera, from the NANOMOL group at ICMAB. 

The first prize was for Leonardo Scarabelli (Universidad de Vigo) for his thesis on "Rational synthesis and self-assembly of anisotropic plasmonic nanoparticles" supervised by Luis M. Liz Marzán. The second runner-up award was for José Jaime Baldoví Jachán (Universitat de València) for his thesis on "Rational design and modeling of f-block molecular nanomagnets" supervised by Eugenio Coronado Miralles, Juan Modesto Clemente Juan, Alejandro Gaita Ariño. 

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The NANOMATMOL award to the best PhD thesis recognizes the best PhD thesis of the young researchers from the Specialized Group in Nanoscience and Molecular Materials (NANOMATMOL) from the RSEQ and RSEF. The aims of this award are to recongnize the creativity and the work done by these young researchers, and to encourage other researchers to become members of the group.

The prize consists of 1000 € for the winner, and 250 € for the two runner-ups. The PhD theses presented are evaluated by a scientific committee formed by members of the NANOMATMOL group, named to this effect. 

Congratulations, Manuel! 

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