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Nanomol Group renews the TECNIO certification for the next four years

The Nanomol Group has renewed the TECNIO certification, which accredits the Reserach Group as a Technology Developer Organization for the period 2020-2023. The TECNIO certification is created by the Government of Catalonia, through ACCIÓ
The TECNIO certification supports the most qualified agents involved in technology transfer processes, allows companies to access advanced R&D and develop new products and services, and increases the scope of technology projects by finding the most suitable technology partners & suppliers.
Anna May
15 December 2020
"For Nanomol group, to  have the TECNIO certificate means to have a seal of quality and excellence as technology developers. In addition, it is an acknowledgement of our technological capacities and our ability to  transfer them to the industry, to finally reach the market" says Nathaly Segovia, Promotion Manager at Nanomol Group. 
"For a research group in our area, nanotechnology and molecular materials, there are several advantages of having a TECNIO certificate. One of them is that it allow us to apply for innovative grants  such as TECNIOSPRING INDUSTRY, INNOTEC, NUCLIS R+D, where Catalan companies in the same area are involved.  Moreover, the TECNIO certificate allows us to increase our collaboration with companies and other technology developers at both national and international level" Nathaly Segovia adds. 
The Nanomol Group had the previous certificate for the period 2016-2019, and now has renewed the accreditation for the period 2020-2023. According to the TECNIO list on their website, there are only 5 CSIC Research Groups or Centers with this certification: 
  • Grup de Transductors Químics (GTQ), IMB-CNM-CSIC
  • Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial, IIIA-CSIC
  • Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial (IRI), CSIC-UPC
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Synthesis (MCS), IQAC-CSIC
  • Centre de Nanotecnologia i Materials Moleculars (NANOMOL), ICMAB-CSIC

Nora Ventosa, Researcher at the Nanomol Group wishes to acknowledge Nathaly Segovia, Promotion Manager of Nanomol, for her important contribution in achieving this recognition. 

About Nanomol

Nanomol is a research group set up by the ICMAB-CSIC and CIBER-BBN that contributes to advancing knowledge in the field of molecular nanoscience and functional organic materials. Its main lines of research are molecular magnetism and electronics, low-cost organic electronics, supercritical fluids, nanomedicine and biomaterials.

The multidisciplinary research conducted by Nanomol studies the self-assembly, nanostructuring and processing of functional (bio- and electro-active) molecules as crystals, particles, vesicles, and structured or self-assembled monolayers on various substrates showing non-conventional chemical, physical and biological properties. 

Nanomol proactively seeks to transfer knowledge to: a) Pharmaceutical companies that want to improve the clinical efficacy and selectivity of their active molecules through nanomedicine; b) Companies of medical or electronic devices wishing to introduce advanced materials with high performance to monitor changes in pressure, deformation or temperature. The group also supports companies in the chemical sector in general and the cosmetics sector that require the generation or characterization of powder, dispersion or emulsion formulations.

Nanomol is an expert center in the field of preparation and characterization of particulate matter (active ingredient particles, nanocapsules, vesicles, liposomes, active-polymer conjugates) and nanostructured surfaces. 

Most Nanomol relevant projects

The new technologies for the preparation of micro and nanoparticulate materials in a single stage of process developed by Nanomol: 1) They are based on the use of compressed/supercritical fluids, green solvents postulated as alternative solvents in many production processes; 2) They allow to produce in an efficient, reproducible and scalable way, high value-added materials in the form of powder, dispersion or emulsion, with advantageous properties in terms of administration and application.

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