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One technology of the ICMAB selected for the L2M (Lab-to-Market) program of the XRE4S

The XRE4S  (R+D+I Energy for Society Network) launched the first call for the Lab-to-Market (L2M) program, the technology scouting program for the members of the network. It consists on the pre-screening on technology assessment, market opportunity and analysis of the intellectual property status and strategy.

Anna May
07 September 2020

Eight technologies from the University of Girona, University of Lleida, the ICMAB and the IREC have been selected for the first pre-assessment study. The evaluation of those technologies will be delivered by the end of September and a shortlist of technologies will be assessed in phase 2 for a more detailed market and IP assessment, and commercialization strategy.

Four groups from the ICMAB participate in the XRE4S, whcih started the activity this year 2020. 

Lab to Market program

The Lab to Market (L2M) program is the XRE4S technology scouting program. The call opened on 18 May 2020 and remained open to 18 June 2020. The first phase of the L2M program is a "PRE – SCREENING OF TECHNOLOGIES", and consists of a first pre- screening on technology assessment, market opportunity and analysis of IP status & strategy.

Phase 2 of the L2M program "CUSTOMIZED ASSESSMENT" will consist of a deep and focused assessment of the technology innovativeness, feasibility and market potential.

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