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Online Seminar "What's what in the European research activities? Are we in a challenging threshold?" by Rafael Rodríguez Clemente (Mon, 4 May 2020)

The Seminars & Training Committee would like to invite you to the following Online ICMAB Periodical Lecture:

What's what in the European research activities? Are we in a challenging threshold?

by Rafael Rodríguez Clemente, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, IDAEA-CSIC
Monday, 4 May 2020 @ 12 pm
Online Periodical Lecture. REGISTER TO THE EVENT HERE. 

21 April 2020

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Many years ago, in 1983, a General Director of Research of the European Commission, Paolo Fasella, who was university professor, proposed and obtained the creation of an european program to support the connectivity of European researchers. Little money at that time, but as time goes by, this little program becomes the third finantial instrument of the European Union. What happened? Science becomes important because the productive system learns how to make money out of knowledge. Science becomes a part of the economic frame. What else? The economic development based on science and technology produces some undesirable effects, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and many others, so science is asked to provide solutions to these new challenginmg landscape. Here we are now!


One of the founders of the ICMAB, he is Research Professor of CSIC since 1994, and currently inscribed at IDAEA-CSIC. His scientific activity has been mainly focused in precipitation, single crystal growth, thin films, inorganic materials, biomaterials and others. In the last 16 years, his main activity has been focused in the European Regional Research Policy and the International Scientific Cooperation of the European Union with the Mediterranean Partners Countries.

Hosted by Carles Miravitlles, former ICMAB Director

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