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Open Call for the Programme "Generació d'Idees" on Biomed and Insustrial Biotech

The 9th edition of the Generating Idees Programme ("Generació d'Idees") is now open. This year, the topic is Biomedicine and Insutrial Biotechnology, and will take place between April-June 2019. The programme is organized by the UAB Research Park (PRUAB) and the Biotechnology Reference Network (XRB) and is aimed to help the researchers to find the best application for their research. Registration deadline: 5 April 2019!

11 March 2019

The programme contributes to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation and also to offer support for modelling the ideas of researchers and PhD students in all academic areas of UAB campus. 

The Generating Ideas Programme promotes the entrepreneurial spirit, the culture of innovation and supports researchers and PhD students from all academic fields in their search for the best applications of their research. 

This year's edition focuses on Biomedicine and Industrial Biotechnology. In addition, it is organized by the UAB Research Park (PRUAB) with the collaboration of the Reference Network in Biotechnology, grouping the centers of the network. 

The programme consists of theoretical and practical training to allow researchers to see ways to transfer their technology to society from a research-based idea that they are developing or one which has come from the challenges posed by other actors in the sector (companies, government offices and the general public).L’objectiu principal és fomentar sinergies entre agents del sector i potenciar projectes enfocats a generar nous models de negoci en aquests àmbits.

Registration will remain open until 5 April 2019. You can register individually or in groups, researchers, PhD fellows from the UAB and from research centeres of the XRB and UAB Campus, wether you have a research project or either if you one to find a solution to the proposed challenges by the sponsors. 

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Our methodology

"We will apply strategies of co-creation, joint work with companies, the university, government offices and the general public".

The programme consists of three parts. The first part consists of a series of sessions involving creation and co-creation to generate ideas from the challenges and problems presented by those working in the sector. This phase of the programme will include the participation of the 4helix (companies, university, government offices and the general public). The aim of the first phase is to jointly define projects that respond to the real needs of all sectors of society.

Once the idea has been defined the participants move into the training phase, where professionals from the sector help them to assess and validate the idea. At the same time all the teams have a mentor assigned who will monitor the project.Finally, there is a programme competition where the best project is selected. The winner receives a prize of €2,500 and 6 months in the business incubator worth a further €1,500.

More information: website of the Generating Idees Programme

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