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"Panoramic perspective" in the school SURE 2022 on sustainable materials for energy

This summer school SURE 2022 on "Sustainable Materials for Renewable Energy Applications" was organized by two European associations: EPNOE and ESEIA, and ICMAB. 

18 July 2022
Group photo of the SURE 2022 summer school | ICMAB-CSIC
Group photo of the SURE 2022 summer school | ICMAB-CSIC

The SURE 2022 school was held between 11 and 15 July at the ICMAB Seminar Hall and was in-person only.

sure icmab 2022 2

First day of the SURE 2022 school and registration desk, with Anna Roig, Laura Sancho and Maite Escobar | ICMAB-CSIC

The school gathered around 25 students from around the world (Belgium, Italy, Nigeria, Spain, Geramany, Ireland, UK, China...) and counted with 13 Invited Lectures, a visit to the ALBA Synchrotron and a student project presentation on Circular Economy and Business Model on sustainable materials on renewable energy applications.

The school counted with a variety of talks on different topics around the field of sustainability:

  • Sustainable materials by Olli Ikkala, from Aalto University in Finland
  • Renewable energy and photovoltaics, by Brain Norton, from Dublin TU and UC Cork, in Ireland
  • From research to market, by Neus Sabaté, from IMB-CNM-CSIC
  • Entrepreneurial activity and circular economy game, with Tiina Nypelö, from Chalmers University in Sweden, and Montse Solà and M. José Capell, from SECOT Barcelona
  • Electrical power systems, by Lothar Henr Fickert, from the University of Technology Gräz in Austria
  • Decarbonization technologies, by F. Pelayo García e Arquer, from ICFO
  • Lignocellulose in batteries, with Stefan Sprik, from University of Technology Gräz in Austria
  • Post-Li batteries, with Montserrat Casas, from cic energiGUNE
  • Permanent magnets recycling, by Kristina Zuzek, from Jozef Stefan Institute, in Slovenia
  • Solid-state energy harvesting, by Miguel Muñoz, from IMN-CSIC and University of Twente
  • Sustainable energy access in Sub-Saharian Africa, from Magda Moner-Girona, from EU Commission and JRC in Italy

sure icmab 2022 26

Speed Science Dating Networking | ICMAB-CSIC

"I think the talks were very varied, covering many different topics. The level of the speakers and the talks was very good" says one of the participants. 

"It has given me many ideas and now I have a panoramic perspective about what I would like to do during my carrer as a researcher" says another participant.

The fact that the school was only in-person and that on the first day a Speed Science Dating Networking activity was organized, favoured that the students could know each other better. Also, the students had to do a student project together and present it on the last day, so they had to interact and participate. Also, many of the lecturers were present during two or more days, so the students had the possibility to interact with them. 

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Talk by Olli Ikkala at SURE 2022 | ICMAB-CSIC

"This meeting brought me into contact with friends in the same field from all over the world. I felt their love and passion for their field of study. I am also inspired. I recognize the excellence of my colleagues, so after returning to the UK, I am determined to work harder to improve my professional knowledge, and hope to meet them again in other academic activities. Another thing that has had a profound impact on me is the concept of the combination of industry and academia. Sustainability of energy and materials needs to be considered at the laboratory stage. As the first generation of lithium metal energy storage equipment reaches the end of its life, attention should be paid to the disposal technology of used batteries, and circular economy is the general trend."

On Wednesday afternoon, the students could visit the ALBA Synchrotron, which offered us a complete guide around their installation. Thank you for the visit!

sure 2022 p 5

Group photo at the ALBA Synchrotron | ICMAB-CSIC

sure 2022 p 6

 ALBA Synchrotron installation | ICMAB-CSIC

 On the last day, the students had to present their sustainable projects in 20 minutes in front of a jury, and answer some questions on the topic. Although the students may not have much time to prepare the project, they put a lot of effort on it, and presented some very nice projects. The two best projects had some awards sponsored by the school sponsors: the journal nanomaterials, and the company TAB Batteries.

sure icmab 2022 48

Winner project of the school, sponsored by TAB Batteries | ICMAB-CSIC
sure icmab 2022 46
Winner project of the school, sponsored by the journal nanomaterials | ICMAB-CSIC
The students valued very positively the school organization, lectures and activities. They also values especially the team work, the level of the lecturers, and the different topics chosen for the school. 

"The curriculum is very well designed and compact, both informative and challenging in a short period of time" says one of the participants. 

The chair of the school was Anna Roig, member of EPNOE, and group leader of the Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites (NN) group at ICMAB. The organizing committee was formed by Anna Roig, Maite Escobar, Laura Cabana, Laura Sancho, José Antonio Gómez and Anna May.  

From ICMAB we would like to thank all the speakers, participants, both associations EPNOE and ESEIA, the two sponsors, the journal nanomaterials and the comapny TAB Batteries, and all the people involved in the school to make it possible! Thank you!

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Lecture by Brian Norton at the SURE 2022 school | ICMAB-CSIC

Take a look at the photo gallery here.

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