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Entitled: “Additive manufacturing ink jet printing of high temperature superconducting layers using combinatorial chemistry”

This project is part of the ERC Advanced Grant ULTRASUPERTAPE which aims to demonstrate an unprecedented approach for fabrication of low cost / high throughput / high performance High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) tapes, or Coated Conductors, to push the emerging HTS industry to market.

Oct 4, 2017

The breakthrough idea is the use of Transient Liquid Assisted Growth (TLAG) from low cost Chemical Solution Deposition of Y, Ba, Cu metalorganic precursors to reach ultrafast growth rates using additive manufacturing ink jet printing and advanced heat treatment formulations. ULTRASUPERTAPE aims to boost Coated Conductor performances up to outstanding limits at high and ultrahigh fields, by smartly designing and engineering the local strain and electronic state properties of nanocomposite superconducting films prepared from nanoparticle colloids.

This fellowship will contribute to the project with the deposition and growth of thick layers (>1 μm) with innovative Additive Manufacturing and Digital Printing methodologies using combinatorial chemistry for fast screening of critical parameters. UV/LED lamps will be used for homogeneous liquid attachment to the substrate. Nanocomposite layer will be obtained from ink jet printing deposition using superconducting precursors and non-reactive nanoparticles inks. Additionally, the rheological properties of the solution, thermomechanical properties of the deposited gel and the structural and superconducting properties for the layers obtained by combinatorial chemistry will be analyzed with advanced in-situ characterization techniques.

The fellowship will involve solution chemistry, deposition by ink jet printing, clean-room environment and, advanced processing and characterization tools.

PhD Student (3 years contract):

  • Degree in Chemistry, Chemistry Engineering, Materials Science, Materials Engineering, Nanoscience or Nanotechnology
  • High motivation to experimental research
  • Working aptitudes in a collaborative group
  • High level in written/spoken English
  • Academic grades and research experience will be considered in the evaluation

Candidates should send their CV, academic grades certificate and reference letters to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The recruitment process will be closed when a suitable candidate is found.

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