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PhD open position in superconducting materials in the framework of an ERC project

The Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures (SUMAN) group and the University of Girona are looking for a PhD candidate for a project on "Advanced thermal analysis characterization towards ultrafast film growth" in the framework of the ERC Adv. ULTRASUPERTAPE project. 

Dec 23, 2020

The ULTRASUPERTAPE project  “Ultrafast growth of ultrahigh performance superconducting tapes” aims at obtainint superconducting thin films by new a and low-cost chemical solution deposition methods. 

Research Project

The project aims at achieving low cost / high throughput / high performance High Temperature Superconducting tapes using an unprecedented approach based on a novel transient liquid assisted growth process.

Superconductivity is a macroscopic quantum phenomenon that enables some materials to carry large currents without dissipation below a certain critical temperature and magnetic field. Since high temperature superconducting materials were discovered 30 years ago, many potential applications emerged by the fact that these materials could reach the superconducting state at the moderate cost of liquid nitrogen temperatures.

Nowadays, the international community is able to fabricate high temperature superconducting tapes addressing large scale applications in the energy sector (generation and distribution), transportation and large magnets (magnetic resonance, fusion, particle accelerators). The main challenge is that the cost/performance ratio is still too high, so new technologies have to be developed to decrease this ratio.

The breakthrough of the project is to explore an ultrafast growth process using solution chemistry (100 times faster than existing technology) to reach thick superconducting layers able to carry large currents and generate ultrahigh magnetic fields. For these purposes, an integrated platform based on additive manufacturing and digital printing able to address a competitive manufacturing process using solution chemistry is being developed. This is an interdisciplinary project where material science, physics and chemistry need to be compiled.

We offer:

The present offer consists in a co-directed PhD degree between the University of Girona (UdG) and the SUMAN group at ICMAB, CSIC. The work will be highly interdisciplinary and in an international environment. 

The main objective will be the use of Advanced Thermal Analysis characterization towards ultrafast thick film growth. Thermal analysis and FTIR characterization will be done at the UdG while superconducting physical characterization will be done at ICMAB. XRD and Electron microscopy will be performed in both centers.

Some of the techniques that the PhD candidate will learn are: 

  • Chemical solution deposition
  • Transient Liquid Assisted thin film growth
  • Advanced thermal analysis of superconducting film growth

with the aim to reach superconducting materials for integration in ultrahigh magnetic fields and energy efficiency applications.

The 3 years’ contract is a competitive call from the University of Girona.

Requirements and valuable merits:

  • Bachelor in chemistry, chemistry engineering, physics, materials science or materials engineering and a master in any of the above degrees.
  • High motivation to experimental research
  • Working aptitudes in a collaborative group
  • Written/spoken English
  • Academic grades and research experience will be considered in the evaluation

Outstanding candidates should send their CV, academic grades certificate and reference letters to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The recruitment process will be closed when a suitable candidate is found.

More information in the SUMAN group website. 

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