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PhD Thesis Defense by Inés Temiño on 15 November 2019 at 11:30 am

The PhD Researcher Inés Temiño from the Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials (NANOMOL) Group at ICMAB will defend her PhD thesis on Friday, 15 November 2019, at 11:30 am at the ICMAB.

Solution-Processed Organic Field-Effect Transistors: from Fundamental Aspects to Applications

by Inés Temiño, Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials (NANOMOL) Group at ICMAB-CSIC

Date: Friday, 15 November 2019
Time: 11:30 am
Venue: ICMAB - Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles

In this thesis we have studied several aspects related to organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) printed from solution, including their fabrication, their electrical characterisation, and further applications, especially in the field of physical sensing. Blends of different p type small molecule organic semiconductors (OSCs) and insulating polymer binders have been employed in this research work. For the deposition of such blends as active layers for OFETs a scalable solution processing technique has been exploited, namely bar assisted meniscus shearing (BAMS).

The main purpose of the work carried out has been understanding the influence of the fabrication parameters of choice on the morphological and structural features of the resulting active layer and, thus, their impact on the electrical performance of the final devices.


  • Dr. Marta Mas Torrent, Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials (NANOMOL)

PhD Committee:

  • President: Dr. Eloi Ramon i Garcia, IMB-CNM, Spain
  • Secretary: Dr. Eugenia Martínez Ferrero, Eurecat, Spain
  • Vocal:  Dr. Alicia Forment Aliaga, Instituto de Ciencia Molecular (ICMol), University of Valencia, Spain

PhD Defense

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