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PhD Thesis Defense by Davide Blasi on 19th May at 11:00 am

The PhD Student Davide Blasi, from the NANOMOL group will defend his PhD thesis:

11 May 2017
Title: Molecular and supramolecular strategies for highly luminescent trityl radical and their sensing applications
Date:  Friday 19th May
Time: 11:00 am
Place: Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles (ICMAB)

The luminescence properties of some trityl radicals were evaluated in organic nanoparticles (ONPs) and polymeric films. For the first time, excimers from supramolecular and stable radical pairs were observed and characterized. This study allowed to design and synthesize a new excimer-forming trityl radical, the tris(2,4,6 tribromophenyl)methyl radical, which was the first example of a polybromotriphenylmethyl radical. This molecule exhibited improved optical properties and chemical versatility compared with the chlorinated species. Finally, the dual emission (monomer and excimer) of radical-doped ONPs was used for the development of high-sensitive luminescence nanothermometer for biological applications.

DavideBlasi PhD

              Prof. Jaume Veciana (NANOMOL group, ICMAB)
              Dr. Imma Ratera (NANOMOL group, ICMAB)

PhD committee:
             President: Prof. Iñigo Lopez-Arbeloa (Universidad del País Vasco)
             Secretary: Prof. Dani Ruiz Molina (ICN2)
             Vocal: Prof. Andrea Pucci (Univarsità di Pisa, Italy)
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