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ICMAB Open Positions

Open position: Research Engineer in plasmonic supercrystals at ICMAB

Deadline: Mar 31, 2022

A new position is open within the ENLIGHTMENT group in Plasmonics Supercrystals at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB - CSIC).

16 November 2021
Plasmonic nanostructures.

This research group uses scalable soft nanoimprinting techniques to fabricate plasmonic nanostructures compatible with emerging optoelectronic devices.

Plasmonic supercrystals are large area assemblies of metal nanoparticles from colloidal dispersions in large periodic geometry. The arrangement in a larger superstructure allows us to engineer the optical response of the film, and it has great potential for sensing, lighting and photovoltaics. (More info: Acc. Mater. Res. 2021, 2, 9, 816–827).

The position is either for a Research Engineer or for a Postdoctoral Researcher interested in working in a center of excellence like ICMAB. 

Main tasks of the candidate

  • Template assisted fabrication of plasmonic supercrystals.
  • Optical characterization of the nanostructures (SERS and Circular dichroism.)


  • Good level of English written and spoken.
  • Experience in plasmonics, nanofabrication and optics will be valued.

About Enlightment

Photonic and plasmonic architectures can concentrate the electric field through resonances, increase the light optical path by strong diffraction and exhibit many other interesting optical phenomena. The use of these structures within actual devices will be most beneficial for enhanced light absorption solar cells, photodetectors and improved new sensors and light emitters. However, emerging optoelectronic devices rely on large area and low cost fabrication routes to cut manufacturing costs and increase the production throughput.  

In our group we use the technique of soft nanoimprinting lithography, where a soft elastomeric pre-patterned stamp is used to mold unconventional materials such as conductive polymers, cellulose or metal colloids or perovskite nanocrystals. The resulting photonic architectures combine the photonic properties of the pattern with those of the original material resulting in a new generation of inexpensive photonic components such as biodegradable photonic films, highly efficient SERS platforms for sensing, improved efficiency solar cells and more.

Contact information:

To apply, please send your CV and contact Agustín Mihi at:

Agustín Mihi  Ph.D. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB – CSIC)
Campus UAB, Barcelona (SPAIN)

Application Deadline: As soon as the position is covered.

Target Start Date of the position: ASAP

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