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Salamanca 4-6 JUL 2018: XV Congreso Nacional de Materiales / I Iberian Meeting on Materials Science

During the last editions, the Congreso Nacional de Materiales has become the main scientific forum dedicated exclusively to the field of Materials in Spain. A meeting point for Junior and Senior researchers that offers many possibilities to exchange knowledge, experience and know-how on the new materials devoted techniques. It is a unique showcase for all those working on or for materials to share the novelties in the field.
02 March 2018

In this occasion, we initiate a new adventure. The Iberian Materials Societies, Sociedad Española de Materiales (SOCIEMAT) and Sociedade Portuguesa de Materiais (SPM) have joined to organize the I Iberian Meeting of Materials Science. With this initiative, we expect to increase and strengthen the links between Spanish and Portuguese researchers.

The Congress offers the possibility to present new equipment and innovate by sharing experiences with researchers, experts and scientists of recognized prestige and will constitute the best showcase to present all the new products, equipment and technical developments to the largest community of researchers.

The topics include:

  • Wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors
  • Laser materials processing
  • Powder processing and sintering by non-conventional routes
  • Advanced characterization of materials
  • Surface science and engineering for advanced applications
  • Advanced corrosion protection strategies
  • Light Materials
  • New advances in Materials Science and Technology: MST and Social Commitment (Education-Learning)
  • Advanced Materials for energy Applications
  • Casting Processes of Metallic Materials
  • Materials Innovation in Industrial environments

 Dates to be considered:

    – March, 10th, 2018: deadline for receiving communications.
    – April, 23rd, 2018: notification to authors of acceptance or rejection of their communications.
    – May, 5th, 2018: deadline for the early registration fee.

 More information:


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