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School on Rashba and Berry physics in quantum confined systems (30-31 May 2024)

30 and 31 May 2024 at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC). 

Registration will open from 15th April to 19th May 2024

29 February 2024

Electronic correlations and spin–orbit interactions, together with the breaking of inversion symmetry inherent to interfaces, offer an interesting avenue to fundamental physics and novel device concepts. Rashba effects are an illustrative example of this situation, as they provide a pathway to enhance spin-charge conversion in spintronic devices. Remarkably, the strong interplay of spin and orbital degrees of freedom may lead, in some cases, to topological features in the bandstructures. In this situation, additional phenomena may appear in nonlinear transport related to the emergence of Berry curvatures in momentum space, resulting, e.g., in anomalous Hall effect. These phenomena, and their intricate interplay, may enable the development of novel device concepts for spintronics and optoelectronic applications. Hence, harnessing orbital and spin degrees of freedom, especially in quantum confined electronic systems, is a great opportunity to develop new paradigms for fundamental and applied science.

The school on TOPOLOGICAL INTERFACES 2024 offers a great and exciting opportunity to learn and understand the basis of Rashba and Berry physics with the focus on two-dimensional electronic systems. The school will allow to understand the very basic foundations of these effects from lecturers that are at the forefront of this fast developing research field. The lectures aim to provide clues for understanding to newcomers to the field and are intended to be self-contained to allow a smooth progression of understanding. Hands-on experiments will allow attendants to see how some experiments are carried out to determine Rashba coefficients and evaluation of spin-charge conversion parameters.

To attend the TOPOLOGICAL INTERFACES 2024 Severo Ochoa ICMAB School participants should register as indicated. The school will be hybrid: both in-person and online registrations are open.


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