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"Science, technology and innovation after Covid-19: Challenges and opportunities" by Xavier Ferràs (Mon, 13 July, 6 pm)

The Seminars & Training Committee would like to invite you to the following Online ICMAB Invited Seminar: 

Science, Technology and Innovation after Covid: Challenges and Opportunities

by Xavier Ferràs, Associate Professor of Operations Management, Innovation and Data Sciences, ESADE Business School

Monday, 13 July 2020 @ 6 pm
Online Invited Seminar. Register here to attend the seminar via Webex. 

30 June 2020


After the Covid pandemic, science, technology and innovation will be at the center of business competitiveness, personal safety and global health. Supply chains have been broken, and new supply chains close to R&D centers are being reconfigured. Strategic industries and technologies arise. What are the features of the new global R&D clusters and how do they contribute to the prosperity of nations?


Telecommunication Engineer, ESADE MBA, PhD in Management Sciences. He is Associate Professor of Innovation at ESADE Business School. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Business at the University of Vic, and Director of the Innovation Center at ACCIO (Catalonia Competitiveness Agency). More information about Xavier Ferràs and his talks in his website

Hosted by Xavier Obradors, ICMAB Director

Register here to attend the seminar via Webex. 

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