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"Women in Science" Theater for the Researcher's Night in CosmoCaixa: Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers

On 27 September, during the Young Researchers' Night in CosmoCaixa, you will be able to enjoy the dramatised reading created by the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona. The play tells a story that takes place in the palace of Madame Châtelet, during the 18th century. Châtelet was a French mathematician and physicist. In chronological order, a series of wise women from the history of science will enter her salon, and will explain us their lives and discoveries.

23 September 2019

Among them, the Greek philosopher Hipatia of Alexandria, the American geneticist Nettie Stevens or the British chemist and crystallographer Rosalind Franklin, in addition to many other scientists.

An ideal activity to know and recognize the contributions of all those women who, throughout history, were relegated despite their great merits. It was never easy to devote oneself to science, but as a woman, much less so!

Day: Friday, 27 September 2019
Session 1: 9 pm-9:45 pm
Session 2: 10:30-11:15 pm

The CosmoCaixa museum will be open until midnight. 
Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult to visit CosmoCaixa.

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More information in the CosmoCaixa website. 

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