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Six highlights with the participation of ICMAB researchers in the ALBA Synchrotron Activity Report 2017

The ALBA Synchrotron has published its annual report, which covers the most remarkable activities of 2017, including scientific highlights. From the 20 highlights that appear on the report, 6 of them include the participation of ICMAB researchers

01 October 2018

You can download the ALBA Synchrotron Activity Report 2017 and read the scientific highlights following this link:

Iron oxide nanoparticles stress the cells

Toxicogenomics of iron oxide nanoparticles in the nematode C. elegans. Nanotoxicology 11, 5 (2017)
L. Gonzalez-Moragas, Si-Ming Yu , N. Benseny-Cases, S. Stürzenbaum, A. Roig and A. Laromaine

Unraveling the Photoredox Nature Isolated Iron Active Sites for Volatile Organic Compound Remediation

Elucidating the Photoredox Nature of Isolated Iron Active Sites on MCM-41. ACS Catalysis 7 (3), 1646–1654 (2017)
Laura Collado, Ingrid Jansson, Ana E. Platero-Prats, Virginia Perez-Dieste, Carlos Escudero, Elies Molins, Lluis Casas i Doucastela, Benigno Sanchez, Juan M. Coronado, David P. Serrano, Silvia Suarez, Victor A. de la Peña-O’Shea

Imaging dynamic magnetoelectric and magnetothermal memory effects in FeRh

Electric-Field-Adjustable time-dependent magnetoelectric response in martensitic FeRh alloy. ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (18), 15577-15582 (2017)
I. Fina, A. Quintana, J. Padilla-Pantoja, X. Martí, F. Macià, F. Sánchez, M. Foerster, L. Aballe, J. Fontcuberta, and J. Sort
Hidden Magnetic States Emergent Under Electric Field, In A Room Temperature Composite Magnetoelectric Multiferroic. Scientific Reports 7 (1), 15460 (2017)
J. D. Clarkson, I. Fina, Z. Q. Liu, Y. Lee, J. Kim, C. Frontera, K. Cordero, S. Wisotzki, F. Sanchez, J. Sort, S. L. Hsu, C. Ko, L. Aballe, M. Foerster, J. Wu, H. M. Christen, J. T. Heron, D. G. Schlom, S. Salahuddin, N. Kioussis, J. Fontcuberta, X. Marti, R. Ramesh

portada alba

Magnetism catches the wave – Picosecond magnetization dynamics induced by magnetoelasticity

Direct imaging of delayed magneto-dynamic modes induced by surface acoustic waves. Nature Communications 8, 407 (2017)
M. Foerster, F. Macia, J. M. Hernandez, S. Finizio, A. Hernandez-Minguez, N. Statuto, S. Lendinez, P. Santos, J. Fontcuberta, M. Klaeui, and L. Aballe

Visualizing Sodium-Oxygen battery discharge products using transmission X-ray microscopy

Architecture of Na-O2 battery deposits revealed by transmission X-ray microscopy. Nano Energy 37 224–231 (2017)
Imanol Landa-Medrano, Andrea Sorrentino, Lorenzo Stievano, Idoia Ruiz de Larramendi, Eva Pereiro, Luis Lezama, Teófilo Rojo, Dino Tonti

Pair distribution function and Rietveld analyses to characterize aluminum hydroxide gel in cement pastes

Aluminum hydroxide gel characterization within a calcium aluminate cement paste by combined Pair Distribution Function and Rietveld analyses. Cement and Concrete Research 96 1-12 (2017)
Ana Cuesta, Rodrigo U. Ichikawa, Diana Londono-Zuluaga, Angeles G. De la Torre, Isabel Santacruz, Xavier Turrillas, Miguel A.G. Aranda


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