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Smart4Fabry final workshop on 3 February 2021

Join the Smart4Fabry Final Workshop to learn from expert speakers how, why and for what the solution proposed by Smart4Fabry was conceived, a sign of cooperation at European level to boost nanomedicine development and translation to clinical stages.

Anna May
27 January 2021

Smart4Fabry is the acronym of a H2020 funded Project that stands for “Smart functional GLA-nanoformulation for Fabry disease”. Smart4Fabry is a collaborative project funded under the H2020 EU Research and Innovation programmecoordinated by Nora Ventosa, from the Nanomol Group at Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC). Other CSIC and CIBER-BBN groups participate, like the group of Fernando Albericio (IRB), Simó Schwartz (Vall d'Hebron) and Antonio Villaverde (IBB).

Smart4Fabry is about Fabry disease, a rare disease. Rare diseases mean a major health problem for a significant number of people in total, but affecting small number of patients for each individual disease.

The project is conceived and created to obtain a new nanoformulation of GLA, to improve the efficacy and toleration compared to the actual treatment with non-formulated GLA. The final benefit is to see a considerable reduction on the Fabry disease treatment cost and a substantial improvement in the life-quality of Fabry disease patients.

Smart-4-Fabry has an impact on a major health problem, the existence of new therapies for rare diseases, which constitutes a priority societal challenge as shown in the H2020 Work Programmes.

Smart4Fabry workshop

This workshop will take place on 3 February at 2 pm, online. to register, visit the Smart4Fabry workshop website

The programmee includes a talk by Nora Ventosa, ICMAB researcher and project coordinator, on "Smart4Fabry project: A European joint effort to use nanotechnology in Enzymatic Replacement Therapy development". 

Elisabet González, also ICMAB researcher at Nanomol, will give the talk "Optimizing the nanoformulation: a long trip from lab to reality" along with Míriam Royo, from IQAC-CSIC. 

The workshop also includes a round table on "Open innovation, exploitation and business development" with the participation of Ángel del Pozo (Biokeralty), Andreu Soldevila (Leanbiopro), Santi Sala (Nanomol Technologies) - Andreas Falk (BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN))

See you there!

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