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"Subnanosecond magnetization dynamics driven by strain waves" at MRS Bulletin

Ferran Macià, researcher at the MULFOX group at ICMAB, and at the University of Barcelona (Fundamental Physics Department) is co-author of the article "Subnanosecond magnetization dynamics driven by strain waves" published in the MRS Bulletin, the monthly Material Science publication with technical theme topics, news, reviews, and commentary. 

28 November 2018

mrs bulletin fmacia

The article describes the effects of dynamic strain accompanying a surface acoustic wave (SAW) on magnetic nano-elements. We use a technique based on stroboscopic x-ray microscopy to simultaneously image the evolution of both strain and magnetization at the nanometer length and picosecond time scales.

The study shows that there is a delayed response of the magnetization to dynamic strain, adjustable by the magnetic properties of the material. The presented analysis provides insights into dynamic magnetoelastic coupling in nanostructures with implications for the design of strain-controlled nanodevices.

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Reference: Subnanosecond magnetization dynamics driven by strain waves. Michael FoersterLucia AballeJoan Manel Hernàndez and Ferran Macià. Published online: 09 November 2018.

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